June Sephora Play Box Review

The insert that tells you whats in the box, and how to use it. I REALLY like the fact that everyone gets the same items.

Bare Minerals Bare Skin Sheer Sun Bronzer Serum

This was promising at first, but after a squeeze and a slight rub, it started almost pilling on my skin, and left no color what so ever. 2016-06-21-10.45.53.jpg.jpgIt also felt a bit oily, and wont play well with other makeup. It’s not something I’d want to wear if I knew I was going to be sweating all day.

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Natalies’ April 2016 Ipsy Bag Review

The Bag:

2016-04-18 16.31.39

Not my favorite bag in terms of looks but still a cute one. There have been
others I have loathed getting but this one is not one of them. I will definitely be using it in
the future.

L.A.B. Live and Breathe Beauty “Just Blending In” brush

The brush is a nice size, blending brush. The bristles are soft and pick up product well. I was able to use this brush as both a transition shade brush and an accent shade brush. I can definitely see myself using it regularly. It is not as soft as say a Morphe brush or even an ELF brush but it is still a nice texture.


Nudestix Lip & Cheek Pencil in “Mystic”

The product comes in nice packaging and applies
smoothly. It almost has a cream finish look to it. That makes sense as it is also being marketed as a blush. I only had to apply once around the lips to get a great color payoff. Overall a great nude lip product.

Ren Skincare Evercalm Global Protection Day Cream

Wow! This product is amazing! I was
a little skeptical about it when I first opened it but after applying it, I know I will purchase it in the future! The lotion has a semi strong scent that fades after applying and the product goes on smoothly and easily. Usually when I apply my face cream, it takes two attempts before my skin feels moisturized and not “tight”. That was not the case at all with this product. I could feel it absorbing into the skin and when I woke up with morning, it was still doing the job and my skin felt incredible. I love this lotion!

Buxom Cosmetics Wildly Whipped Lightweight Liquid lipstick in “Centerfold”

This product is…interesting. It is being marketed as a liquid lipstick and it really isn’t. I would compare this product and consistency to the Maybelline Vivid Matte liquid lipstick. It goes on smoothly, like a gloss, but does appear matte. It does not dry the lips and the color payoff is great. I am just thrown off by the label of “liquid lipstick” as it isn’t. I love the brand and wear products of theirs but in this case, would prob not purchase this again as it is so similar to the Vivid Matte lipsticks. Maybelline is cheaper. 🙂

Moroccan Oil Moroccan Oil treatment

I’ve used this product in the past. It is nice but not for
me. I already have healthy hair and don’t need this product. I didn’t even use this. I traded it for a lipstick from someone else who also gets Ipsy. I also don’t really like the scent either.

Looks like Natalie had a great bag this month! How did you like yours?

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July Ipsy Unbagging

Paige’s Ipsy Bag
Megan's Ipsy Bag
Megan’s Ipsy Bag

This little pink envelope makes us so happy when we find it in the mail! Our bags were really different this month, and we love seeing what we get every month.

Lets get right to it

wpid-20150717_065648-1.jpgThe Bag

Paige– I love it! it might be my favorite so far, perfect for a little summer clutch.

Megs– Not a huge fan of the design on this month’s page but I love what’s in it 🙂

wpid-img_1601.jpgBe a Bombshell Lip Balm in French Kiss

Megs– Well, I’ve enjoyed their lipsticks and I like how the lip balm feels.  Not wild about the color.  When it’s on, it is a really pale pink that just sort of washes me out.  I will be keeping this on the nightstand for this times when I wake up with the driest lips this side of the Sahara.

wpid-img_1593.jpgJor’el Parker Classico Eau De Parfum
Megs– I really like the smell of this!  I’m picky when it comes to perfume and so I’m very pleasantly surprised with this little rollerball.  I feel that this will become one that gets thrown into the travel bag often.
Tarte Eye Shadow
Megs– Well, Tarte is one of my favorite brands.  This color is amazing.  It blends beautifully.  It stays wonderfully.  Basically, it’s everything that I expect from Tarte.  And it’s in super cute packaging.
wpid-20150717_065808-1.jpgJelly Pong Pong 2-in-1 Eyeliner and Shadow
Megs– This a really fun color but it’s a little too light for a liner and a bit dark for shadow.  That being said I’m enjoying trying to figure out a way to use it.  It’s not going to be an everyday color but should be fun for the weekend.  It goes on pretty well but it’s a little bit heavy when you use it to cover the entire lid.  Also, the name?  Really weird.
Paige– I love this color! It is perfect for me to wear on a daily basis. I agree the name leaves something to be desired, but I have tried their products before, and the texture is consistent, and the pencil actually stayed on and in one place all day! I’ll take it.
wpid-img_1599.jpgEau Thermale Avene Cleanance Gel
Megs– Well, I can’t read anything on the bottle but my limited understanding of French tells me that it is a face wash.  Not scented (yay!).  Feels nice (again, yay).  Took my makeup off without removing any skin (always a bonus).  So…there you go. 🙂
wpid-20150717_065823-1.jpgCrown Brush Tweezers
Paige– I was so excited to see these in my bag! These are great, they are sharp enough to get to the root of the hair, but not sharp enough to poke. These are really good quality and I would buy them again.
wpid-20150717_065740-1.jpgTeeze Matte Lipstick
Paige– This is not my color at all. Although I really like the formula, the orangey color DOES NOT look good with my skin. You need super white teeth, and be a bit tanner or a bit paler, to wear a color like this, which does not work. It does go on well though, and stays until you wipe it off. If it was slightly pinker, I would love it!
wpid-20150717_065714-1.jpgPur-Lisse Utlra Skin Brightening Serum
Paige– This serum is creamy and really does brighten skin up a bit. I love it for around my eyes, when I didn’t get a good nights sleep.
wpid-20150717_065706-1.jpgOctavia La Playa (Sea Salt Spray)
Paige– To be honest, although I appreciate products like this, I have never really learned how to use this stuff, and I feel like it always makes my hair kinda oily. Since I don’t style my hair all that often, (or ever) this is probably something that will be thrown in the “Use When I’m Feeling Adventurous (and have time for a re-do)”  basket. It smells nice though, like the beach!
What did everyone think of their bags this month?
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Generation Beauty Day Two- Write up by Blake and Guest Blogger Erica

Generation Beauty by Ipsy Day 2!

Breakfast of Champs
Breakfast of Champs
We’re up we’re up!

This was so much more organized then the first day. (Can I get a whoop whoop?) The second day came with more freebies, like Too Faced matching your skin tone and giving you a full foundation. You heard me right, a full size foundation! There was also Smash Box, who gave us not one but TWO full sized eye liners. But the best vendor by far was Tarte. We love their products and surprise, surprise, they did have items for sale. Well, they had select items for sale, (about 12) but they were offered at a 60% discount.  YAY.

The pros are in!
The pros are in!

It felt like we were pros on day two and knew exactly what to do. The event ran much more smoothly, which told us that the Gen Beauty hosts and volunteers were paying attention to the issues from the day before. They were all very nice, and spent time asking us what we thought worked from the day before and where we had problems.

Unique Beauty Wall

Even though this day was run much better, we felt like we had seen most of what we needed to see on day one. We did get to look around more since it seemed that there were fewer people, and shorter lines, and we even got the chance to buy stuff! (Shopping? Uh, YES)


So, in the afternoon, when we were finally handed the key to the world, our Day Two Glam Bag (choir singing in the background…) we decided to head home.

2015-06-09 22.09.11
Erica is rocking that grey lipstick!

In the beginning, with all the confused craziness, it was frustrating, but once we got a handle on things, we actually had a fantastic time! Will I go again? Uh HECK YES, whether I am by myself or with my amazing friends.

Yup, we're happy
Yup, I’m happy

Oh and I forgot the best part, the savings! Between the glam bags from both days and freebies we received the amount was (drumroll please)

$551.18 !!
And, I got it all for free!!!
2015-06-09 22.08.37
Bag of awesome

Now, for the items I spent money on. The in-store cost of everything would have been $257.93, but I only paid $128.10, so in the end I saved $129.83, on what I purchased. However, if we want to look at the whole shebang with all the freebies and the discounts, what outrageous numbers would we have?

If I HAD paid for everything in the glam bag at retail price it would have been, $809.11, for a TOTAL SAVINGS OF $681.01.
UNBELIEVABLE RIGHT? These numbers, just blow my mind. I love to save, and Gen Beauty helped me do that, I can’t wait until next year when the whole team will go with me!!
If you have any questions or know of other events like this, please comment and let us know. Now on to the next beauty review!
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March Boxy Charm Review (Megan)

Megan’s March Boxy Charm

unnamed1 unnamed2

Well, this subscription started out fine (not great, fine). However, after month number three of products that I couldn’t care less about, for $21 per month, (!) you had better believe I have canceled.  (Beauty Army starts next month!  WooHoo!)

unnamed5Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo Spray – it’s tiny!  I’m pretty sure it has one use in it and that’s about it.  It worked fine.  Didn’t leave any white stuff drifting around.  Gave my hair some additional texture (that it really doesn’t need).  But it doesn’t smell very good.  I’ll keep looking for a different dry shampoo for the 2 days a year that I may actually be far enough from civilization to be able to take a shower.  It really doesn’t happen often.
unnamed7Ofra Eyeliner in Light Beige – Ok, I know that this is supposed to be used on your water line but it is pink like my skin, not white, and so it in no way helps to pop my eyes.  It went on fine, held it’s line nicely, but there is no reason to ever use this shade.  Maybe I can use it as a lip pencil when I have a super super pale color?
unnamed6Tarte Charmed Lipsurgence – first, negative points because I received this EXACT same item last month.  Second, negative point again because it is a horrible, horrible shade of Bubblegum pink.  Even in it’s sheerest, not-even-enough-to-rub-my-lips-together layer it is screaming baby pink.  Maybe if I ever dress up as a character from Candyland I can pull this out.  Oh, wait, I have two. The sad thing is, it goes on well and stays on really well.  Maybe someday I will get up the courage to look at this product again in a different color…
Update Here- Paige stole this from me, and it actually works on her skin tone, but it still comes out bright.
unnamed3LVX Lemondrop Nail Polish – Another color that I can’t handle.  It’s not really yellow and it’s not really cream.  I could use it for Easter egg decorating possibly but it isn’t coming anywhere near my finger tips again.  It made my skin look weirdly chalky and yet almost too tan at the same time.  It is very sheer and to build up to any semblance of color takes way too many for me.  I stopped at five when I couldn’t get it to dry anymore.

unnamed8Previse Nutrify Step 2 – well, i don’t have step one or step three like it says will be the most beneficial so this is a little on the useless end to me (I’m a sucker for a complete all-in-one, or a sample that has all the steps included even if they are smaller portions).  There is a whole lot of tonic here, especially since you only use 10 drops at a time.  It was fine.  Soaks in super fast and isn’t greasy.  Nothing earth shattering.  I’m not exactly sure that I can tell any difference whatsoever.  It certainly isn’t taking the place of a moisturizer.

Needless to say, I am unimpressed again this month- both with the value of the box and the products with in. Cant wait for my first Beauty Army Box!