Product of the Month: Have You Tried Lipsense?

I am starting something new here at Boxy Mom. Every month, I am going to review a new product. Should be fun, right?


This month, Teeyna, over at Pretty Lippy By Teeyna supplied the products I am reviewing. Lipsense is a long lasting lip color, that is applied in 3 steps and is advertised to last from 4 to 18  hours. Continue reading


July Sephora Play Box Review

I absolutely LOVE this months’ Glamp Out theme! I love to be outside, and am an avid camper, so this spoke to me on a deep level. When I camp, I admit, I do wear a bit of makeup. What can I say? I like to look nice, and I feel better when I have a bit of mascara on, and no under eye circles, and SPF! ALWAYS SPF.


Isn’t this an adorable bag as well? It totally reminded me of the summer camp in the original Parent Trap movie. I always wanted to do a long term sleep away camp like that.


I really love this color of Bare Minerals Gen Nude Matte Liquid Lipcolor in Swag. The formula is amazing, it slips right on, and does not dry your lips out! It’s also a perfect nude color for me. I am really excited about this color and I know I’ll get a lot of use out of it.


Next up we have IT Cosmetics Superhero Mascara in Black. Its a good formula, and goes on easily. I did not see the dramatic results pictured, however, I only used one coat. I don’t like to wear black mascara, I prefer brown, but I like the way this one looks on me. It was easy to put on, and easy to take off, and it didn’t flake during the day! Win win win.


This is both the mascara and the lip color. Nice and natural!


Milk Makeup Cooling Water Stick was a nice little surprise! I used this mainly for my puffy eyes when I didn’t get enough sleep because the baby was up all night. It works like a charm, goes on light, and with almost no residue. It was very easy to smooth right on, and add makeup immediately after. No waiting for the excess to absorb!


I was excited to try the Boscia Charcoal Pore Pudding Mask. Unfortunately, I only used this once because I just could not get past the smell! It is VERY organic, if you get my drift. I did not see much of a difference here, but I could only stand to leave it on for about 10 minutes because, oh man, that smell. Pungent…


This Briogeo Rosarco Milk Reparative Leave-In Conditioning Spray is a nice little item. I use leave-in conditioner every day, so this will definitely get used. The smell is great, and it leaves no residue.


I received this Atelier Cologne in Orange Sanguine in my first Play Box Last year. The smell is light, fruity,  and perfect for summer, and I am happy to have gotten it again.

Did you all enjoy your boxes this month?

July Ipsy Box Review

With July, came the  HEAT. Here in Southern Ca, it’s hot hot hot. Actually, it’s hot across the US right now, so I suppose I cant really complain.
I am always excited for the summer bags because I hope for some fun bright gloss or maybe a bright blush or highlighter.
The bag is ok, but I didn’t really like, or get the theme it was promoting, which was Lazy Sunday. That’s not at all what I think about when it comes to mid summer! However, Lazy Beauty, I can get behind! I want out door adventure themes and travel themes, but I digress. Lazy Sunday it is…
Review time!

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Beauty Box 5 June Box

First Beauty Box Five
First Beauty Box Five

This was the first month of my BB5 subscription, and I’m not sure what to say about it. I suppose underwhelmed would be a good term. I felt like they oversold themselves a bit on their website.

When I received the box, I was a bit surprised with the size. Its a bit smaller in comparison to Birchbox or Glossy Box, maybe 6″ by 4″? and I thought, “hmm, wonder what they fit in here?” Also, the theme was off a bit, they talk about Black Friday shopping, so then I was wondering if I might have received an old box… I follow them on Instagram and the item that should have come in everyone’s box was not in mine… hmmm

Where's mine?
Where’s mine?

So, alas, they will not be my #bb5fave… Bummer.

Ok downer! On to the review!

wpid-20150610_184942-1.jpgThis is the card that came with the box, although I did notice that they are misquoting the prices slightly. More on that in a bit.

wpid-20150610_184539-1.jpgDove Deep Moisture Body Wash

I have several of these little babies from other boxes and actually really like the product. My issue is that in these other boxes (Pinch me, Target Beauty and Walmart Beauty) I paid less that $10 per box, Pinch Me is actually FREE… so I was surprised to receive it in a box that costs more than Ipsy (which offers higher end products to boot) The body wash works great, and is super moisturizing. I’ll leave it in my drop bag to take camping, because we are usually in pretty dry climates when we travel. BB5 has this valued at $6.49 for 22 oz, but at 1.8 oz, the actual value is about $0.75 for a travel sized bottle like this.

wpid-20150610_185133-1.jpgLaura Ashley Sweet Peony Body Butter

This was a nice little find, It was a really pretty pink in the tub with a fresh clean floral scent. It worked well, like a regular body butter, but felt more luxurious. This will also be thrown in the travel stash. BB5 has this posted at a value of $25 for a set of six, which values this one alone at around $4

wpid-20150610_185254-1.jpgDen Tek Floss Picks and Case

I thought this was really cute, and will come in really handy for traveling. My hubby also loved these, so I’m unsure if I’ll ever see these again! We carry a bag of these with us in our trailer, but the case makes them really useful for travel. I like this brand a lot, the floss works well, and there is a pick at one end in case you had a hearty steak dinner that needs some help being removed from between your teeth. (uhm, sorry, yuck)BB5 values these ate $2.49 which is about right.

wpid-20150610_185007-1.jpgHask Macadamia Oil Hair Treatment

I was happy to see this! In a recent box I received the mask from Hask and it worked beautifully, so the Hair Oil is a great addition, and works really well at holding the moisture in after I wash my hair. I just added some to my damp ends and it air dried beautifully. BB5 values this correctly at $2.99 for this size bottle. There was a tiny bit of leakage, but not enough to make a big difference.

wpid-20150610_185207-1.jpgNika K New York Eye Light Crayon

This is a nice color, I have green eyes and it highlights them well. The formula is a bit greasy, but has some staying power. I used it as a single eye color and it’s just subtle enough to make it a nice neutral color. BB5 Values this at $4.49, which is correct.

So, all in all, the actual value was $14.72 for a box that cost me $12. I am more impressed with the seasonal Walmart and Target boxes, and Ipsy, which offer WAY more value for $10 or less.

I will stick with this for two more months to see if it gets better, but if it doesn’t improve, I probably wont commit to any more than that. Honestly, if it wasn’t for this blog, I probably would cancel right now. So far, it is not recommended, but lets see what happens next month!