Younique Pigment Review



Paige–  These were so fun to review! When Holly Jurick, of Younique products, sent these to me, I was very impressed by the presentation. The package came with a very cute hand written card, tips on how to use the products and how she creates her day looks, (which can be found on her Facebook page- Holly Johnson-Jurick ) and a card with the info for ordering or hosting a party at her Younique website- The colors she sent were: Confidence (a dark coppery brown), Sexy (a bare pink shimmer), and Regal (a rich purple).  There is also an amazing fiber mascara (it was not included) that we all want to buy as soon as we can!

To the reviews!

Blake is testing Sexy


Blake: I had really wanted to review this product, so it was an awesome surprise when my amazing cousin Paige sent me a pigment to review. This is just a great highlighter for me. I use it when I contour and when I want to highlight my eyebrows (which at the moment need to get done, lol).  I also mixed it with my eye shadow to add a pop for days that I just feel blah. I love that I can’t feel it but it’s there and that It has more than one use. Lets face it, make-up is expensive, so I want things that have more than one purpose or can provide me with more than one look. I absolutely love this product and want more !!!!!

Megs is testing Confidence


Megs: I really like the color of this pigment.  It was rich and deep without being too sparkly.  Just a subtle shimmer.  It went on well and stayed well.  I haven’t tried blending it with other like pigments, but don’t think it would be too hard to do given how well it held. 🙂

Paige is testing Regal


Paige: This stuff was awesome! Stayed on all day with NO creasing, which NEVER happens for me. I was really impressed with the selection of colors available on the site. Holly knows me and my coloring, and sent 3 PERFECT shades to try. Two neutral and one awesome purple that I cant wait to wear again. I was lucky enough to be able to test all three and use some of her tips before I had to send them on to the rest of the girls to review.

Paige is testing Confidence and Sexy as eye shadows, liner, and highlighters here
The only good lighting I could find at 7:30 in the morning was by the coffee maker at work… go figure. Yes, I’m still half asleep

I tried these colors as mix-ins, blends, and single colors, as well as eyeliner, wet and dry. I also used the darker coppery color, Sexy, as a contouring powder. The pigments did it all, and with the color called Confidence, we even got some highlighter action out of it!

Check it out! It even works as a nail polish!

I even went a bit crazy and decided to try mixing some of that purple with a clear nail polish to see what would happen. It was beautiful! I’m sure that is not what these pigments are intended for, but its neat to see there is so much that can be done with them.

Talk about an amazing product with multiple uses. We all decided we need to try more. Also, because we are a sample review site, I have to give Holly props for sending out three colors and even though they are standard sample sizes, they will last us for a long time, because you just don’t need that much product to make a big impact.

Thanks Holly, I know we will be visiting your site soon to make some purchases!


June Ipsy Bag Review

wpid-2015-06-23-09.57.21.png.pngwpid-img_20150612_1-1.jpgReview time again! We love this time of the month! Meg actually came back from wedding activities on the East Coast to this little pink mailer, and after hours of traveling and days of wedding festivities,  It was a nice treat to see this in the mail box.  Actually, we were reminded a bit of a really cute summer bathing suit, gotta love that combo of black neoprene and bright coral. Our bags were actually quite different this month, which is a nice change of pace.
FullSizeRender(4)Liptitude Limited Edition 24/7 Hydrating Lip Stain
Blake- I loved how this felt on my lips. It felt like it was hydrating and cooling at the same time. The color was a bit orange red which is fine as a base color. Though watch not to smudge because like the name it is a stain. I give this three ipsy bags
Sorry about the grainy photo! (for color)
Meg- I have no idea what color this is officially. Unofficially, it’s a bright (bright) deep pink. It looks like a gloss on but be mindful when applying it. They aren’t kidding when they call it a stain.  It’s a fun color, I have a dress that is just begging to be worn with it. The downside is trying to keep it in place. It smears easily and stains easily so it will take a lot of work and will power to keep it in place. I tried wiping the bulk of it away after ten minutes and was left with patchy stains. They smoothed out with some lipgloss and I feel like that might be the way to go. I’ll keep experimenting because I really do love how bold the color is.
IMG_1486 copyTrestique Mini Shadow Crayon in Marimoto Pink Pearl.
  Meg- I’m in love!  it is an amazing shade. I’m going to wear it to work tomorrow. Cute package (I really thought the cap had fallen off and I was searching for it…hey, I’m still on east coast time…let’s see how long that excuse lasts) Easy to apply, stays put nicely. A winner! (Don’t feel bad Megs, It happened to Paige too)
FullSizeRender(3)Trestique Gold Lipstick
Blake- I love this color it’s like a beige gold that gives a little shine to you lips. It also feels very smooth and not chalky. I give this three Ipsy bagsFullSizeRenderNuxe Paris Gentle Exfoliating Gel with Rose Petals
Blake- This goes on very smooth and does have some exfoliating beads which is not to harsh on my skin. It really is gentle an smells amazing.  I give this four Ipsy bags
FullSizeRender(1)Befine Cucumber Facial Mask
Blake– This mask feels and smells amazing. When I put it on I just felt to fresh and so clean. It also did not make my skin dry up when I washed it off. I give this four Ipsy bags.
Meg- No really?  With cucumber?  I never would have guessed from the name.  I’m not the most objective person on this one since I find the smell of cucumber offputting.  It went on well. I kept expecting to encounter fine grit but it was really smooth. Kind of a pain to get off though. I really had to scrub and still, I looked in the mirror and saw little white streaks in random places.   Not one I plan to put into my wish list but interesting to try.IMG_1486Jules and Ester Facial Serum No. 24
Meg- It says it contains vitamin C and the faint whiff of citrus is very pleasant. Absorbs quickly and cleanly into my skin and doesn’t feel really heavy.  As to reducing the signs of aging, well, after two cross country flights, three days of wedding festivities, and 90 degree humidity I have a really tough case. I don’t know that anything could help today…
FullSizeRender(2)Smashbox Foundation Primer
  Blake– I first wanted the Melted lip gloss but wow I love how this primer feels. I mean it feels so smooth going on. Like I have said in the past, I love to wear makeup that doesn’t feel heavy and this primer feels like I’m wearing nothing. The only down fall is the size. It is tiny. It seems smaller than a sample or travel size. For the product I would give five Ipsy bags but for the size I have to subtract down to four Ipsy bags
Meg- This has been a standard in my makeup box since discovering the joys and the horrors of uneven foundation many (many) years ago. It’s been my go to primer for everything from formal pictures to performances to date night. It hasn’t let me down yet and I love having the little travel size to take with me. Where were you last week when I was trying to cram all my makeup into a carry-on?
Paige- Like Blake, I really wanted the Melted sample, because I don’t wear primer often. But upon seeing this little gem in the bag, I was still really excited. (I have heard Megs talk about this since it came out YEARS ago) The size is a bit small, but the full size is also small for what you pay for it. It went on really smoothly and stayed on all day, but because I don’t wear this kind of product often, I don’t know if I would be comfortable plunking down a good chunk of change for it at Sephora. wpid-img_20150623_2.pngAltcheck Dermitologist MD DePuff Eye Pads
Paige- I don’t usually use this type of product because wrinkles have not been high on my list, but dark circles are a huge issue with me. I was wondering if it might help with brightening those as well as hydrating the area. They worked very well, and I was impressed. If the circles were not gone, at least the area was moisturized and better looking. wpid-img_20150623_4.pngwpid-20150623_090715-1.jpgtreStique Mini Shadow Crayon in Aspen Pine
Paige- This was a good color for me and a nice change from all the copper colors from Ipsy that I have been receiving lately. The packaging was adorable, and like others, I thought the cap had fallen off and went on a hunt for it. The formula is awesome, I have a greasy eye lids (I don’t have another way to say that, I know its gross, sorry) It stayed all day and didn’t really budge. I love the color as well!
wpid-img_20150623_3.pngFormula X Nail Color in Power Source
Paige- This is a great Summer Color, and I am really happy with the formula. The ONLY issue I had with this was that it was that the brushes in these tiny bottles are very small and don’t coat nails well. But I managed to make it work and I’m happy with the product.
wpid-img_20150623_6.pngIT Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil
Paige- Brow pencils are not something I use often because I have thick brows, but when I do need one, now I have something to reach for. It worked well, and I like the attached brush (because I DO use those). I have dark brows, but even though the color seemed light in the pencil, it seemed to work well. Overall, its a good product that will get use, but rarely.
All in all we were really happy with this bag! Blake gave it 18 Bags out of 25, and we are all happy with the value for this month.
Happy June! Enjoy the Beach This Month!
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