July Ipsy Box Review

With July, came the  HEAT. Here in Southern Ca, it’s hot hot hot. Actually, it’s hot across the US right now, so I suppose I cant really complain.
I am always excited for the summer bags because I hope for some fun bright gloss or maybe a bright blush or highlighter.
The bag is ok, but I didn’t really like, or get the theme it was promoting, which was Lazy Sunday. That’s not at all what I think about when it comes to mid summer! However, Lazy Beauty, I can get behind! I want out door adventure themes and travel themes, but I digress. Lazy Sunday it is…
Review time!

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I’m Back! And I Have an Ipsy Review 

Hello again beautiful readers! I had to take some time off because, well….

I may be biased, but I think shes a cutie patootie

That’s right, We are now parents! Crazy right? Sorry for disappearing on you like that, but time off with no deadlines was essential. But after almost a year, I’m back, and more ready than ever to get back into reviewing boxes.

Now, on to the review!

This was a great month for Ipsy. The bag is adorable, and, after months of getting stuff that won’t get used, I feel like there’s adorable few things in here that I’ll enjoy and probably purchase again.


First up!

Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish in Game Changer 

There were two options for nail polish for this month and I was really glad to get this one. I love how this color looks next toy skin tone and it will look even better on my toes when I’m tan!


PUR Fully Charged Mascara

Here’s the description from the website “Opposites attract with this anti-aging mascara that has a magnetic polymer matrix that wraps a positively charged elastic veil around each lash to instantly lift, separate and define each lash for long-lasting performance” I’m excited to try, I’m very picky about my mascara, so I’m hoping it’s good. wp-image-1582248468

Hey Honey Undercover Detoxifying Mud Mask

This should be a great addition to my stash! My skin has been looking tired lately, because, well, I’m tired, but I hate for the world to know that by looking at me, so hopefully this will help. wp-image-501673563

Skyn Glacial Face Wash with White Willow

Another skin item I will add to my rotation. This should help brighten me up!


Peek Black Primer

I was SO excited about this item! I have seen several tutorial’s on some other sites I follow, and it looks amazing. Because it’s black, it brings out the colors in your eye shadows. You can also use it on your lips, to darken your natural color, or your lipstick. It can also be used to sculpt your cheekbones.

What did you think of this month’s bag?

June Ipsy Bag Review

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 5.18.29 PM

The bag

I can see how many people will like this bag. Unfortunately, I am not one of them. It is too loud and busy for me. Definitely not one of my fave designs.


Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 5.20.10 PM

Urban Decay eye shadow in “Lounge”

Urban Decay eye shadow is always great and this is no exception. The color is so amazing! When I added it to my brush, it looked maroon. However, when I applied it to my eyelid it went on as a gorgeous green/purple color. A little product went a long way and it gave me just the look I wanted. I highly recommend this color and this company in general. They may be pricey but are oh so worth it! Continue reading

Natalie’s May Ipsy Bag review

The Bag

May Ipsy glam Bag

I am on the fence on this bag. I like the idea of it but not necessarily the design I got. I am not a huge fan of the color purple so that’s the main reason. I will definitely use this bag. The size is comparable to other bags we have received but nothing out of the ordinary.

Smashbox X Rated Mascara

2016-05-16 06.54.05
ALL Smashbox mascaras are amazing. This one is no
exception. The brush was a bit interesting. I actually stopped to look at it in detail before
applying the product because it was such an odd shape. It applied well and I was able to also use it on my lower lashes with no product hitting my cheeks or under eye area. I really like this mascara and will definitely use it.

Hikari Cosmetics Shimmer Bronzer

2016-05-16 06.55.26

 I adore Hikari products! I got the blush in my Ipsy bag a few months ago and it is now one of my go to products when I want a bright pink blush with great pigmentation. This product was no exception. I applied this product this morning for a general overall flush effect and it worked beautifully. The four colors in the compact blend well together and give a beautiful pink/brown color. There are little sparkles in one corner and that adds a bit of shimmer to the overall effect which I love. I highly recommend this product and Hikari products in general. Love it!

INSPR Eye Fluff Brush

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 12.06.58 PM

I used this today to apply my shadow in the crease. It worked really
well and applied the product evenly. I can always use a good crease brush and this is a perfect addition to my collection. The bristles are soft and pick up a decent amount of product with just one swipe.

Soo AE 3 Collagen Essence Sheet Mask Set

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 12.08.30 PM

I am giving this away because I honestly won’t
use it. I will most likely try to trade it with someone for something I will actually use and if not, will give it away as a gift. I know Ipsy is always trying to promote new partners but seriously? I won’t use this. Never have and probably never will. Stop sending me stuff I specifically say I will not use, please. UGH.

Epice Hydrating Mask

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 12.09.08 PM

Yet another product I will not use. I will try to trade it to someone for something better. I am frustrated with this month’s selections as this is the second item I will not be using/have no use for. Yes, it’s only $10 a month for this stuff but I want to get things I will actually use and not throw/give away. What a disappointment

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Paige and Ipsy!

Natalies’ April 2016 Ipsy Bag Review

The Bag:

2016-04-18 16.31.39

Not my favorite bag in terms of looks but still a cute one. There have been
others I have loathed getting but this one is not one of them. I will definitely be using it in
the future.

L.A.B. Live and Breathe Beauty “Just Blending In” brush

The brush is a nice size, blending brush. The bristles are soft and pick up product well. I was able to use this brush as both a transition shade brush and an accent shade brush. I can definitely see myself using it regularly. It is not as soft as say a Morphe brush or even an ELF brush but it is still a nice texture.


Nudestix Lip & Cheek Pencil in “Mystic”

The product comes in nice packaging and applies
smoothly. It almost has a cream finish look to it. That makes sense as it is also being marketed as a blush. I only had to apply once around the lips to get a great color payoff. Overall a great nude lip product.

Ren Skincare Evercalm Global Protection Day Cream

Wow! This product is amazing! I was
a little skeptical about it when I first opened it but after applying it, I know I will purchase it in the future! The lotion has a semi strong scent that fades after applying and the product goes on smoothly and easily. Usually when I apply my face cream, it takes two attempts before my skin feels moisturized and not “tight”. That was not the case at all with this product. I could feel it absorbing into the skin and when I woke up with morning, it was still doing the job and my skin felt incredible. I love this lotion!

Buxom Cosmetics Wildly Whipped Lightweight Liquid lipstick in “Centerfold”

This product is…interesting. It is being marketed as a liquid lipstick and it really isn’t. I would compare this product and consistency to the Maybelline Vivid Matte liquid lipstick. It goes on smoothly, like a gloss, but does appear matte. It does not dry the lips and the color payoff is great. I am just thrown off by the label of “liquid lipstick” as it isn’t. I love the brand and wear products of theirs but in this case, would prob not purchase this again as it is so similar to the Vivid Matte lipsticks. Maybelline is cheaper. 🙂

Moroccan Oil Moroccan Oil treatment

I’ve used this product in the past. It is nice but not for
me. I already have healthy hair and don’t need this product. I didn’t even use this. I traded it for a lipstick from someone else who also gets Ipsy. I also don’t really like the scent either.

Looks like Natalie had a great bag this month! How did you like yours?

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September Ipsy Bag Review

Paige's September Ipsy Bag
Paige’s September Ipsy Bag
Blake's Ipsy Bag
Blake’s Ipsy Bag

This bag is a lot of fun! We all unanimously loved it, and will definitely use it in the near future.

Creme Ultra Reparatrice

Blake– This ultra repair cream is AMAZING. It goes on thick but does not leave a gross residue. I give this 5 ipsy bags.

ClariSEA SeaSalt Solution

Blake– Yet another product that I feel is amazing. I love that you can use this exfoliant just with water or also with a cleanser. Another great thing is the charcoal factor which again I love. I give this product 5 ipsy bags.

Crown Brush Infinity Shadow/Crease Duet Brush

Natalie– Crown Brush is another great brand that I already knew about prior to Ipsy. The brushes from this company are high quality and affordable. I own many of their blush/contour and foundation brushes. This brush was a nice addition to my brush collection. The flat shadow section picked up the shadow quickly and didn’t give me a lot of excess. I was able to use it once and get all the color I needed. I was not as impressed with the crease portion of this brush. It works well but is more firm than then the crease brushes I normally use. It is still a great product but not for me. I will definitely use the shadow portion of this brush more than the crease. Overall I give this a 4 out 5.


NYX in collaboration with Ipsy Eye Shadow Pallette

Paige-  I love all things NYX, so I was excited to see this collaboration. The formula, as always, went on well, and stayed all day. The only thing, and I say this every time I get an eye shadow from Ipsy, is that they send the same colors as every other eye shadow I’ve gotten from Ipsy. There are other colors out there, and a girl can only use so many brown and copper shadows at once. Other than the color issue, (dont get me wrong, I will use these colors, eventually) This was a great surprise. 5/5 from me!

Blake– This is a great trio with complimenting colors that go great for a night out. The shadow does not go on to heavy which is a must. I give this product 4/5 ipsy bags.

Natalie– I was overjoyed to get this trio in my bag. I adore NYX products and this was no exception. The colors are a great neutral set that I can use for many different looks. The reason I love NYX so much is the affordability for the product. You spend much less than high end brands and get the same, if not better, results. The pigmentation is great and a little goes a long way. The nude color has a bit of a shimmer to it and is a great color that can be used as a base tone over the entire lid. The brown shade was nice for the overall crease and I applied the dark brown/black into the outer “V”. This created a great neutral look that was easy to transition to night with another wash of color from the trio. If you are looking for a great eyeshadow, look no further than NYX for an affordable, and gorgeous, product. I rate this a 5/5.

JCat Beauty Waterproof Eye Pencil

Natalie– JCat is a brand that I discovered through Ipsy. I am in love with their Liptitude lipstains and use them regularly. I definitely see this brand as an up and coming one. The products are reasonably priced and provide a great color payoff and what is best is they last! The pencil sharpens easily and glides on smooth. It doesn’t tug on your lid at all. I don’t know about the color as it is a bright bronze but if it were a dark brown or a black I would definitely purchase this product. 5/5


Trestique Matte Lip Crayon

Paige– I enjoy the Trestique brand, I have any eye crayon from them ( in GREEN!) that I love. The lipstick is a different matter though. I can’t handle the color, it’s this nude beige-y color that only looks good on, like, 3 people. The formula is OK, if a little drying, but I think that’s just par for the course with a matte lipsticks. So, not too happy with the lipstick, although if they sent me a different color, i might feel differently. This in no way looks natural, nor does it flatter my skin tone. 3/5 Ipsy Bags.

Blake– I do love this line of products and this color is great. The color name is Nantucket nude which it is light but goes on smooth. I give this 4/5 Ipsy bags.


Glam Glow Flash Mud Brightening Treatment

Paige– I love Glam Glow Products, and this one was no exception. I don’t buy them regularly because I feel that the price point is too high for me, so when I get them in a bag, I am extremely excited. This formula is great, I did not notice any changes, but I don’t have to many spots or need to much brightening.  I am very happy with this selection! 4/5 bags

Eau Thermale Avene Soothing Moisture Mask

Natalie– I didn’t use this product either. I don’t do the mask thing. Have no plans on using it nor will I ever. I am also giving this away. 0/5 Bags


Garnier Fructise Brazillian Smooth Flat Iron Express

Paige– Garnier is a great brand, and works well in my hair. I love that this is a full size product, and it smells great, as do all their products. I don’t use a lot of heat in my hair, but, when I do, I always use a heat protectant. This one will come in very handy. It did not leave me with a greasy feeling after I curled, and I really appreciated that. Way to go on the full size here Ipsy, as well as an affordable product, that i will definitely re-purchase. 5/5 Ipsy Bags!


Formula X Nail Color in Ignite

Paige– I like the Formula X brand. I think the polishes are great, but those little tiny brushes are hard to get full coverage out of. That being said, I actually like small bottles of polish because it takes me forever to go through a full sized, so the small works well for me. This is an excellent formula. I am hard on my hands, and rarely get nail polish to last for more than a few days, but this stayed on for a solid 5 days! Because it is a darker color, you’ll want to use some sort of base, because it will stain. But all in all the color and the polish worked really well for me. This is a great fall/ winter color and it will definitely get used. 4/5 Bags!

Blake– I have started to get hooked on nail polish!  (I can thank Paige for that.) This color is called Ignite and boy does it. The color is beautiful and it goes on smooth. It does take some time to dry. I give this 4 ipsy bags.

Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish in “Elegantly Wasted”

Natalie– I didn’t use this product. I have an OPI color exactly this same shade and was already wearing this color, interestingly enough, when I received my glam bag. I have no opinion on this product as I didn’t use it and don’t plan to. I am giving it away to a friend.

Overall, we really enjoyed the bags this month!

Natalie was happy that she received hers on time, as that had been an issue in the past, although she will only use three items out of the bag, and Blake and Paige were incredibly happy with  everything. It was a good month!

What did you like out of the September bags?

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and Blake


July Ipsy Bag

Paige’s Ipsy Bag
Blake's Ipsy Bag
Blake’s Ipsy Bag

Paige– I thought the bag was really cute! Its not my favorite, but it’s still something I’ll use.

Blake– Ok can I just start off by saying that I love, really love, this bag. Unfortunately out of the kindness of my heart, I gave it to my mother because it matches her luggage set.

wpid-20150812_204601-1.jpgBella Pierre Lipstick in P.I.N.K.

Paige– This is a pretty summer color. I am not sure if it works with my skin tone yet, but I am going to keep trying because I think its a really pretty neutral.

Blake– I love this lipstick. It applies so smooth and the shade is not to bright and not to dull for me. I also love this brand of cosmetics. I give this 5/5 Ipsy bags amazing product.


Eco Beauty Good Night Night Cream

Paige– I took this camping with me to Big Bear this weekend, and it was nice to have something that worked SO well for hydration. It is not gooey, and does not leave an oily film, but moisturizes fully and keeps your skin moisturized until you wake up. I noticed a difference in moisture after one use.


Glam Dolls Eye Shadow in Sorcery

Paige– I have to hand it to Ipsy, they do take your coloring into account. The problem is that they also send a lot of the same colors in different brands. I Have received a lot of eye shadows similar to this one. I do like the color however, and it will get used. It went on easily, and blended easily.


Marc Anthony Argan Oil of Morocco

Paige– This is very nice. I use hair oil pretty regularly to tame my ends, and I like this product and the brand as well. The sample size is large, as they go, and will last for some time.

Blake–  Well I do love Moroccan hair oil to a point. My hair likes to hold oil in so I don’t like to use them that much. I loved this travel size because it just fits so perfect in my to-go bag. It did make my hair silky, smooth and gave it a shine and what girl doesn’t like that? I give this product 4 ipsy bags.

wpid-20150812_204821-1.jpgOfra Lip Liner in Wine

Paige– It’s nice to get a lip liner and not an eye liner! This was a good color and helped to tone down the pink lipstick perfectly!

 image8image7Doll 10 Beauty Blush

Blake– I am usually really picky with blush but this product was awesome. It glides on and sets perfect. At first when I saw the term hydrogel I thought it was going to be sticky and thick, but that is not how it is at all. This is another 5 bags. 🙂

image9Lord & Berry lip liner

Blake– I was very disappointed with the color of this product. It says nude but it is brown. I will probably try it as a lip color mixed with another color but lip liner no thank you. Very sad 1 bag.

image10Lather Ultra Mild Face Wash

Blake– This product was not bad and not amazing. It was just ordinary face wash with average smell. So I give this 3 bags.

All in all we loved this bag!

What did you get in your Ipsy this month?

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July Ipsy Unbagging

Paige’s Ipsy Bag
Megan's Ipsy Bag
Megan’s Ipsy Bag

This little pink envelope makes us so happy when we find it in the mail! Our bags were really different this month, and we love seeing what we get every month.

Lets get right to it

wpid-20150717_065648-1.jpgThe Bag

Paige– I love it! it might be my favorite so far, perfect for a little summer clutch.

Megs– Not a huge fan of the design on this month’s page but I love what’s in it 🙂

wpid-img_1601.jpgBe a Bombshell Lip Balm in French Kiss

Megs– Well, I’ve enjoyed their lipsticks and I like how the lip balm feels.  Not wild about the color.  When it’s on, it is a really pale pink that just sort of washes me out.  I will be keeping this on the nightstand for this times when I wake up with the driest lips this side of the Sahara.

wpid-img_1593.jpgJor’el Parker Classico Eau De Parfum
Megs– I really like the smell of this!  I’m picky when it comes to perfume and so I’m very pleasantly surprised with this little rollerball.  I feel that this will become one that gets thrown into the travel bag often.
Tarte Eye Shadow
Megs– Well, Tarte is one of my favorite brands.  This color is amazing.  It blends beautifully.  It stays wonderfully.  Basically, it’s everything that I expect from Tarte.  And it’s in super cute packaging.
wpid-20150717_065808-1.jpgJelly Pong Pong 2-in-1 Eyeliner and Shadow
Megs– This a really fun color but it’s a little too light for a liner and a bit dark for shadow.  That being said I’m enjoying trying to figure out a way to use it.  It’s not going to be an everyday color but should be fun for the weekend.  It goes on pretty well but it’s a little bit heavy when you use it to cover the entire lid.  Also, the name?  Really weird.
Paige– I love this color! It is perfect for me to wear on a daily basis. I agree the name leaves something to be desired, but I have tried their products before, and the texture is consistent, and the pencil actually stayed on and in one place all day! I’ll take it.
wpid-img_1599.jpgEau Thermale Avene Cleanance Gel
Megs– Well, I can’t read anything on the bottle but my limited understanding of French tells me that it is a face wash.  Not scented (yay!).  Feels nice (again, yay).  Took my makeup off without removing any skin (always a bonus).  So…there you go. 🙂
wpid-20150717_065823-1.jpgCrown Brush Tweezers
Paige– I was so excited to see these in my bag! These are great, they are sharp enough to get to the root of the hair, but not sharp enough to poke. These are really good quality and I would buy them again.
wpid-20150717_065740-1.jpgTeeze Matte Lipstick
Paige– This is not my color at all. Although I really like the formula, the orangey color DOES NOT look good with my skin. You need super white teeth, and be a bit tanner or a bit paler, to wear a color like this, which does not work. It does go on well though, and stays until you wipe it off. If it was slightly pinker, I would love it!
wpid-20150717_065714-1.jpgPur-Lisse Utlra Skin Brightening Serum
Paige– This serum is creamy and really does brighten skin up a bit. I love it for around my eyes, when I didn’t get a good nights sleep.
wpid-20150717_065706-1.jpgOctavia La Playa (Sea Salt Spray)
Paige– To be honest, although I appreciate products like this, I have never really learned how to use this stuff, and I feel like it always makes my hair kinda oily. Since I don’t style my hair all that often, (or ever) this is probably something that will be thrown in the “Use When I’m Feeling Adventurous (and have time for a re-do)”  basket. It smells nice though, like the beach!
What did everyone think of their bags this month?
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June Ipsy Bag Review

wpid-2015-06-23-09.57.21.png.pngwpid-img_20150612_1-1.jpgReview time again! We love this time of the month! Meg actually came back from wedding activities on the East Coast to this little pink mailer, and after hours of traveling and days of wedding festivities,  It was a nice treat to see this in the mail box.  Actually, we were reminded a bit of a really cute summer bathing suit, gotta love that combo of black neoprene and bright coral. Our bags were actually quite different this month, which is a nice change of pace.
FullSizeRender(4)Liptitude Limited Edition 24/7 Hydrating Lip Stain
Blake- I loved how this felt on my lips. It felt like it was hydrating and cooling at the same time. The color was a bit orange red which is fine as a base color. Though watch not to smudge because like the name it is a stain. I give this three ipsy bags
Sorry about the grainy photo! (for color)
Meg- I have no idea what color this is officially. Unofficially, it’s a bright (bright) deep pink. It looks like a gloss on but be mindful when applying it. They aren’t kidding when they call it a stain.  It’s a fun color, I have a dress that is just begging to be worn with it. The downside is trying to keep it in place. It smears easily and stains easily so it will take a lot of work and will power to keep it in place. I tried wiping the bulk of it away after ten minutes and was left with patchy stains. They smoothed out with some lipgloss and I feel like that might be the way to go. I’ll keep experimenting because I really do love how bold the color is.
IMG_1486 copyTrestique Mini Shadow Crayon in Marimoto Pink Pearl.
  Meg- I’m in love!  it is an amazing shade. I’m going to wear it to work tomorrow. Cute package (I really thought the cap had fallen off and I was searching for it…hey, I’m still on east coast time…let’s see how long that excuse lasts) Easy to apply, stays put nicely. A winner! (Don’t feel bad Megs, It happened to Paige too)
FullSizeRender(3)Trestique Gold Lipstick
Blake- I love this color it’s like a beige gold that gives a little shine to you lips. It also feels very smooth and not chalky. I give this three Ipsy bagsFullSizeRenderNuxe Paris Gentle Exfoliating Gel with Rose Petals
Blake- This goes on very smooth and does have some exfoliating beads which is not to harsh on my skin. It really is gentle an smells amazing.  I give this four Ipsy bags
FullSizeRender(1)Befine Cucumber Facial Mask
Blake– This mask feels and smells amazing. When I put it on I just felt to fresh and so clean. It also did not make my skin dry up when I washed it off. I give this four Ipsy bags.
Meg- No really?  With cucumber?  I never would have guessed from the name.  I’m not the most objective person on this one since I find the smell of cucumber offputting.  It went on well. I kept expecting to encounter fine grit but it was really smooth. Kind of a pain to get off though. I really had to scrub and still, I looked in the mirror and saw little white streaks in random places.   Not one I plan to put into my wish list but interesting to try.IMG_1486Jules and Ester Facial Serum No. 24
Meg- It says it contains vitamin C and the faint whiff of citrus is very pleasant. Absorbs quickly and cleanly into my skin and doesn’t feel really heavy.  As to reducing the signs of aging, well, after two cross country flights, three days of wedding festivities, and 90 degree humidity I have a really tough case. I don’t know that anything could help today…
FullSizeRender(2)Smashbox Foundation Primer
  Blake– I first wanted the Melted lip gloss but wow I love how this primer feels. I mean it feels so smooth going on. Like I have said in the past, I love to wear makeup that doesn’t feel heavy and this primer feels like I’m wearing nothing. The only down fall is the size. It is tiny. It seems smaller than a sample or travel size. For the product I would give five Ipsy bags but for the size I have to subtract down to four Ipsy bags
Meg- This has been a standard in my makeup box since discovering the joys and the horrors of uneven foundation many (many) years ago. It’s been my go to primer for everything from formal pictures to performances to date night. It hasn’t let me down yet and I love having the little travel size to take with me. Where were you last week when I was trying to cram all my makeup into a carry-on?
Paige- Like Blake, I really wanted the Melted sample, because I don’t wear primer often. But upon seeing this little gem in the bag, I was still really excited. (I have heard Megs talk about this since it came out YEARS ago) The size is a bit small, but the full size is also small for what you pay for it. It went on really smoothly and stayed on all day, but because I don’t wear this kind of product often, I don’t know if I would be comfortable plunking down a good chunk of change for it at Sephora. wpid-img_20150623_2.pngAltcheck Dermitologist MD DePuff Eye Pads
Paige- I don’t usually use this type of product because wrinkles have not been high on my list, but dark circles are a huge issue with me. I was wondering if it might help with brightening those as well as hydrating the area. They worked very well, and I was impressed. If the circles were not gone, at least the area was moisturized and better looking. wpid-img_20150623_4.pngwpid-20150623_090715-1.jpgtreStique Mini Shadow Crayon in Aspen Pine
Paige- This was a good color for me and a nice change from all the copper colors from Ipsy that I have been receiving lately. The packaging was adorable, and like others, I thought the cap had fallen off and went on a hunt for it. The formula is awesome, I have a greasy eye lids (I don’t have another way to say that, I know its gross, sorry) It stayed all day and didn’t really budge. I love the color as well!
wpid-img_20150623_3.pngFormula X Nail Color in Power Source
Paige- This is a great Summer Color, and I am really happy with the formula. The ONLY issue I had with this was that it was that the brushes in these tiny bottles are very small and don’t coat nails well. But I managed to make it work and I’m happy with the product.
wpid-img_20150623_6.pngIT Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil
Paige- Brow pencils are not something I use often because I have thick brows, but when I do need one, now I have something to reach for. It worked well, and I like the attached brush (because I DO use those). I have dark brows, but even though the color seemed light in the pencil, it seemed to work well. Overall, its a good product that will get use, but rarely.
All in all we were really happy with this bag! Blake gave it 18 Bags out of 25, and we are all happy with the value for this month.
Happy June! Enjoy the Beach This Month!
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Generation Beauty By Ipsy 2015 ( Day One) – Write Up by Blake and Guest Bloger Erica

My cute name badge! We are ready to start our beauty adventure!

Wow where do I even begin with this crazy weekend of Gen Beauty?

 Well, The beginning, I guess! To start, finding the location was not the easiest thing do, and I am not saying this because I don’t live in LA, but because the directions were horrible! Luckily, we were not the only people that were lost. There were like 90 people, no joke, that were milling about asking for directions.
Epp! We're Here!
Eep! We’re here! Finally.
We did finally find the place, after parking in the wrong structure, and walking WAY out of our way, thanks to the lies Google told us about where we were going. (Thanks Google Maps!)  Once we found the address, we became slightly more confused because it was another parking structure. (We were pretty sure we were being punked at this point, because really?) It seemed that we were in the right place though, because there were several people heading up the stairs or into the elevators. At the risk of sounding cliche, we followed the crowd! We Had finally found it! We excitedly headed for registration to get our badges which were adorable, and we received a mini permanent maker to write our names. Then we got to wait.
Wow, that's a bunch o' people...
Wow, that’s a bunch o’ people…
And wait… And….. wait some more, in the heat with only about five umbrellas for about 4,000 people. They did give us a box of water (strange, but cool) and a nice tote to look through while we waited, but people, it was HOT out there. The end of May in Southern California is usually around 90 degrees, and this sunny Saturday was no exception.
First look?
First look
After waiting for what seemed like hours, we were ushered into a massive white event tent. We were a bit surprised to find that this grand event was held in a tent, but they did some pretty neat things with what they had. The first vendor was Sephora.They asked if we would like a makeup touch up, and how can you say no to that? (duh)  It was free and done by professionals. They told us about every method they were using, as well as what products, which we loved. After our touch ups, we got to play a quick game and win a free prize.
Our makeup guru from Sephora. She did a great job, no?

Once both of us were done we thought “what now?”. It looked like a cluster**** in a huge white tent! There was no concept of lines that we could conceive, just huge globs of people at each vendor. In the end, we decided to simply walk around and try to figure out what the “must sees” were for us. Upon further investigation we realized that there were a lot of vendors who were doing touch-ups (however, no one mentioned to me that we probably should have started with clean, makeup free faces, so they were skipped). The next revelation was that we needed to pick a line and pick it fast, as it was becoming increasingly crowded.

So many people, so little organization!

Once we had our bearings, we headed for the NYX line which ended up being two lines. In one, we got to vote for a You-Tuber and get a free popsicle. (YUMMO) Then, after we voted, we took pictures to get a free item.

A much needed treat
A much needed treat.

The popsicle wasn’t bad at all, and after waiting in both lines we received two free full size lip glosses, a NYX tote and 40% off all their products! Not bad right? NYX was definitely the longest wait with the most people for the first day.

Pictures to get free stuff? Heck Yeah!
Pictures to get free stuff? Heck Yeah!

After the fun of shopping we decided to check out each vendor to see what their freebies were. There were a couple good ones, like LA Girl and IT cosmetics, who also gave us wonderful tote bags with a coupon or a lipstick. Actually, the majority of vendors had something to give us, which was awesome. Not something little either! Of course there were a few who gave out travel sized items, but mostly we either received full size, or a couple travel sized items from each vendor.

Love this stuff
Love this stuff

The only issue for me was, that even though there were a lot of vendors, who were giving away these awesome items, it didn’t seem like there was much for sale. Yes, they were informing us of their new and upcoming items, but we weren’t able to actually BUY much. If I am going to an event, and I love the products that are featured, then I really want to be able to buy the products at the event, not write them down or take pictures to go by later. Isn’t that why we were there? To get a first glimpse of new items? What better way to do that than allow us to purchase said items? Seems to make more sense to me. But I digress…

Getting a little closer…
     Once we understood how this whole tamale was going to work, we decided to grab some lunch. This was an adventure in itself! There were these great food trucks, but not enough seating. With very little shade in the area, we had a slightly uncomfortable meal standing there in the sun, hovering over other people who were sitting and trying to squeeze in where we could.
We love us some yummy food truck grub!
We love us some yummy food truck grub!

Once we came back from lunch, with tans and full bellies, we formed our game plan. We had wanted to see a couple You-Tubers but it was super hectic because there was really no set panel location, they were just out in the open, in the middle of the tent, talking about their vlogs in big crowds, which was not for us. It would have been nice to have placed them in a separate room (or area, as it were) where they could be heard over the din and we could maybe sit down.

Believe IT wall
After getting more freebies we were handed the ULTIMATE glam bag for day 1. Once we had the bag in our hot little hands, everything became right in our universe. It went a LONG way in making up for the disheveled way our day went. With only thirty minutes left of day one, we dragged our selves to dinner and our hotel to catch some shut eye and rest up for day 2!
Yumminess at Casey's Irish Pub
Yumminess at Casey’s Irish Pub
Some day one awesomeness

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