July Glossy Box Review

Paige’s Glossy Box
Megan’s Glossy Box

Our hearts go pitter-patter when we see the gorgeous shipping box outside after returning home from work!  Even better, the blush pink inner box (once uninfested with the weirdly shedding black crinkle paper) is great for keeping all my various box samples we get over the course of the month. Our boxes were VERY similar this month. (Although, we did get different colors of the nail polish)

wpid-2015-09-02-12.09.51.jpg.jpegGlamGlow Youthcleanse Daily Clearing Cleanser

Megs– Say that three times fast.  Goodness.  Well, I’m a huge fan of GlamGlow and I love their SuperGlow Mud Masks (even though it is horribly expensive).  This cleans very nicely.  The mud to foam is a bit weird but easy enough to do in the shower.  Not sure that I’d spend $35 on this when a $5-6 drug store cleanser works just as well…

Paige– I have to agree with Megs. Being that it’s clay, it is a little strange to use. I do, however, feel the exfoliation right away. I was pleased with the results, pores seemed smaller, blackheads seemed to dissipate. Still, with the $35 price tag, I feel like that money would be better spent on a mask that I might use a couple times a week, rather than a cleanser that I would use twice a day.

wpid-20150824_202012.jpgPop Beauty Kajal Pen in Sooty Black

Megs– Super pointy when it began but wore down really quickly.  I actually had to sharpen it again before doing my second eye.  Nice blender tip on the other side but my problem is that it smudges a little too well when you don’t want it to.  Two hours in and I looked a bit like a raccoon (and not intentionally).

Paige– I have never really learned how to apply eyeliner the correct way. I can use it, but it always seems to smudge, and I never get a straight line. This was no exception. I am not sure whether that was me or the liner, but it just had no staying power, it smeared, everywhere. Probably would not buy this again.

wpid-2015-09-02-12.16.25.jpg.jpegManna Kadar Cosmetics Lash Primer

Megs– Well, it went on nicely.  Mascara applied over it without any issues but I couldn’t see a difference in my lashes.  Just another step to the mascara process that wasn’t needed.  Too bad, I would have loved to discover falsies without the glue…

Paige– I love the idea of a primer that thickens and lengthens. I did need a couple coats, but I found that it made a difference! Megs is right, its not the look of false lashes, but it is an enhancement under your regular mascara. I’ll plan on pulling this out for dates and other special occasions.

wpid-2015-09-02-12.12.32.jpg.jpegLollipops Makeup Lip Balm in Delicieuse

Megs– Fine as lip balms go.  Nothing really remarkable about it. Not a whole lot of flavor, color, or scent.  Nicely glossy without being sticky.  Weirdly hard to get out of the tube…

Paige– This smelled and tasted great! Almost like sugar cookies. I was a bit disappointed that there was absolutely no color to this balm, I would have loved the subtle pinky hue that the package implies. Besides that, the balm is nice and glossy, but not the kind of sticky that will make a mess out of your hair if it blows in your face. I like it!

wpid-20150824_201024.jpgSpaRitual Nail Lacquer

Megs– I saw the color on the card and was SO excited!  Then I saw the color I got (which while pretty, wasn’t the awesomeness that was featured on the card).  The polish went on VERY nicely.  Stayed really well.  The color I received is very nice and in October or November when the leaves are turning (in other parts of the country, they never seem to turn in Southern California) I’ll pull out this russet/pink/gold and pair it with some fabulous sweaters and jeans.  In the mean time, I’m going to hunt down the color on the card.  On a side note the card points out that the ingredients in this are ‘vegan’.  What would other polishes have in them to make them NOT vegan?!  Maybe I don’t want to know the answer to that question…

Paige– I got this really pretty pink that’s perfect for me. I am not a metallics person, so I was relieved when I opened the box to find the pink, non metallic polish. It did go on smoothly and dried quickly (which is awesome because I am super clumsy with wet nails), and will definitely be worn.

What did you guys think of the August Box?

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1422351_10201553937423084_1684305321_nand Paige


June Glossy Box Unboxing

Paige's Glossy Box
Paige’s Glossy Box
Meg's Glossy Box
Meg’s Glossy Box

Megs– I came home today to a plethora of boxes.  Glossy, Ipsy, FitFabFun, and….not to be knocked, my 4pk of replacement blades from Dollar Shave Club.  Beauty Army was a pass this month since the sample selection was exactly the same as last month and last month was a lackluster to say the least.

Paige– I love getting the mail mid month! SO many fun things to open! Glossy box is always interesting , and I can never wait to see what I got in my box! It never fails that I get at least one thing I’m stoked about and cant wait to try. It has really curbed my makeup buying habits too, because you never know what your going to get. For the price and value, it cant be beat.

wpid-img_1607.jpgFace Stockholm Eye Pencil

Megs– Nice pencil.  Can’t go wrong with eye liner.  I love this deep navy color.  Goes on nicely, fits in my sharpener (really, that is a make or break for me and you’d be surprised at how many name brand pencils don’t fit into the standard size sharpeners…).  The $17.00 listed price is a bit of a shock and if that was actually what I saw it for in the store, I would be looking for another liner.  There was nothing $17.00 worth of spectacular about it.
wpid-20150717_070718-1.jpgPaige– I agree with Megs, this is not worth $17 to me. Especially since I got the white color, which I never would have bought in the store because for some reason, I get white eye pencils in boxes constantly. However, a friend recently taught me how to use one correctly, so they MIGHT be seeing a little more use from me. It’s not a bad formula though, and seems to blend nicely.
wpid-20150717_070825.jpgNaked Lips Organic Lip Balm
Megs– I love peppermint lip balm.  Burts Bees is my standard go to but this is a nice addition to the pack.  Goes on without feeling like you are tearing your lips and as of two hours in, is still nicely moisturizing and I can tell it’s still on.
Paige– My husband and I can’t get enough of peppermint lip balm, it just feels more like it’s working, and I love that this is organic. Feels great going on, not to sticky, and  really lightweight.
wpid-20150717_070807-1.jpgHey Honey I Peel Good!
Megs – I’m a fan of this brand.  I’ve actually used this exact item before and really like it.  It’s supposed to be for skin (you know, like cheeks) but I’ve found that I really like it for my lips.   Just a dab and rub it around for a bit really makes them nice and smooth.
Paige– I like this brand as well, but I have never tried it on my lips- I will now though! I did really like it, I like that it’s a fast process, and really easy to achieve results.
wpid-img_1614.jpgShesha Skin Therapy Rejuvenating Anti-Wrinkle Mask
Megs – I really like face masks that have the cloth base.  I appreciate that the mask doesn’t dry on your face and feel like you’ve lost all ability to move your facial muscles.  I put it in the fridge for a bit like the card suggested.  It felt great.  Cool and a bit tingly.  I’m not feeling any huge difference for my ‘mature skin’ but it was an enjoyable 25 minutes (I’m a rebel, yes.  I went 5 minutes more than recommended).  I have to say that I like the Sephora masks a bit better.  They have a lot of variations to choose from and they smell good.  (Shameless plug for one of my favorite places to spend money).
wpid-20150717_070752-1.jpg Kueshi Anticellulite Booster
Megs– My first thought when I saw this was that the bottle was huge.  I have no idea if it works on cellulite like it claims but it smells really nice, feels silky going on, leaves no residue and leaves my skin soft.  Other than the fact that I have no idea where I would buy this (hello, Amazon!), I would buy this again
Paige– I was excited to try this, and was REALLY excited to see that it was a HUGE tube. (Like full size huge) It is smooth, and its very creamy and rubs in really well, unfortunately, the smell is not something that I can handle. It smelled a bit mature for what I generally like. Kind of a powdery scent. I prefer flowery or fruity, or none. No smell is always a good thing. I will try this again, in hopes that the smell was not as overpowering as I remember.
wpid-20150717_070849.jpgLaneige Water Sleeping Mask
Paige– I have actually used this before, I received it in another box. Its an interesting product, although the idea of sleeping with a mask on was unappealing… at first. This stuff soaks in so well, and is so moisturizing. Its an awesome find, and I’m happy to have another little pot of it.
So what did all of you think of the July Glossy Box?

May Glossy Box Unboxing and Product Review

Megan's May Box
Megan’s May Box
Paige's May Box
Paige’s May Box

Hi All!

Not much to say on this months glossy box, I think we were both a touch underwhelmed with the products, but here goes!

FullSizeRender copyThe Aloe Source – Jojoba Radiance Cleansing Polish 

Megs- Well, I’m a fan of aloe and Glossy Box is definitely in summer mode with two of the five items being aloe based.  This is a nice cleanser.  Nothing remarkable.  Does the job, doesn’t really have a smell (which I appreciate).  It has a very small grain to it so that you feel it’s exfoliating a bit but not too much so that you don’t mind using it 2x/day as directed.  I’ll have to pick up the toner and moisturizer and see how the complete combo works.

wpid-img_20150623_11.pngFullSizeRender orlyOrly – Nail Laquer

Megs- I love this size.  It’s a nice one to throw into my bag when traveling.  Mine was REALLY pink.  Definitely a summer polish. It goes on fine and isn’t streaky.  I also appreciate that Orly doesn’t contain formaldehyde.  I don’t know that I’d consider the cap ‘award winning’…

Paige- I received an interesting gray/ light mauve shade. Its not something I’d wear on a regular basis, but it’s a pretty neutral color that goes on very clean. I will get some use out of this polish for sure. I appreciate the rubberized cap for sticky polish.

wpid-img_20150623_8.pngToo Faced Cosmetics – Better Than Sex Mascara

Megs– Well, somebody’s been having really bad sex because this is not the Be All End All of mascaras.  In fact, the brush is cumbersome and a bit useless.  The actual mascara is fine for one coat but it doesn’t build well despite what the large advertisement on the box says.  This will go into the ‘I don’t care if I lose it’ travel collection.

Paige– I hate to say it, because I was really excited about this product when I found out that it would be in the box, but I think Megs is right. It’s really too bad because I have heard some AWESOME stuff about this mascara.

First off, I HATE HATE HATE having to wipe a mascara brush off before I use it, it just feels like extra work and time that I don’t have when I’m half asleep in the mornings. (Mascaras like this do exist, and they are awesome.) The brush was a bit hard to use, but it might have been because I tend to stay away from brushes that are anything but straight. I have just never had much luck with the oddly shaped brushes.

All that being said however, I did notice a distinct lengthening and volumizing of my lashes upon first application, but when I tried for more, it didn’t seem to build, and I felt like I got it everywhere. It did flake a little bit throughout the day- not good for this contact lens wearer…

wpid-img_20150623_12.pngEtre Belle Cosmetics – Aloe Vera Ultra Moisturizing Gel

Megs- Number two of the Aloe items in this box.  I have to say, the electric green color is very off-putting.  I’ve never understood why companies think that anything aloe has to be that scary green.  Pure aloe isn’t that color, just calm down.  Sorry…  Ok.  It goes on well and has a nice coolness about it when first put on.  I find that it is vaguely tacky though once dried.  It definitely doesn’t play nicely under makeup.   So, It will go into my beach bag for when I get out of the water and am super dry from the salt.

Paige- This is the only aloe product that I received in the box, but it came in the nick of time, since I did a mud run this weekend and got a wicked sun burn on the front of my shoulders near my arm pit (slather that sun screen EVERYWHERE folks- especially if you don’t know what obstacles your gonna face) This did take the sting away, but I didn’t really notice a difference from the natural (clear) aloe gel that I buy at my local Target. I generally use aloe gel on my face after washing at night, so I’ll continue to use this, then go back to my normal aloe and see if anything changes.

wpid-img_20150623_10.pngCity Cosmetics City Lips Collagen Peptide Lip Plumping Treatment

Megs- I don’t know if it actually plumps my lips or not but they are super smooth after this has been on about 5-10 minutes.  I’ve taken to putting my foundation on, putting this on my lips, putting the rest of my makeup on, and then putting a gloss on right before walking out the door.  It helps the gloss last longer and look better.  A keeper!  I’ll have to see if it comes in other colors and maybe just skip the gloss.

Paige– Plumping treatments never work for me (or at least I can never tell if they are working), so I was kind of feeling “meh” when I saw this. However, its really glossy and goes on really easy. I also like the no fuss packaging and light vanilla scent. I am not sure why we got two different looking boxes, but reading everything, it looks like the same product.

wpid-img_20150623_9.pngNexxus Color Assure Conditioner

Paige- This is the partner to the shampoo I received several months ago I guess. I was finally able to use the system together, but still did not like it much. It smells nice, but it’s hard to rinse out. Not only that, I don’t have colored hair, so I can’t really test it accurately. This might go to Megs or Blake to see if they can use it. Guys? Any takers?

Our May box was not bad by any means, and you’re not always going to make everyone happy, but we have definitely seen better from Glossy Box.

Happy Boxing!

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May Glossy Box Unboxing

2015-05-19 13.32.53

Wow, we got the exact same Glossy Box this month, which is a rarity, because we are so different as far as what we prefer to wear. Here’s what we thought:

Paige’s Thoughts– I thought it was a good box this month! There were good products, all good sizes and probably one that I will go out and buy for my self. However, I would like samples of brands that I am more familiar with as well.

Meg’s Thoughts– This was quite the month for glossy box.  Highs and Lows.  Two SUPER products that I will be going out to get again, one really pretty product, one that was fine (just sort of eh…totally me, not GB), and 1 DUD.

2015-05-19 13.33.21

Glam Glow Power Mud

Meg– First, I am a huge fan of Glam Glow.  That being said, this was no exception.  Went on easily, you can feel it working as it dries and I loved how it felt washing off in the shower.  I just wish the effects lasted a little longer.  I could see the difference for about 24 hours.

Paige– I had never tried this but have heard some awesome things about it, so I was really excited to see this in my box. It works just like it says it will, my skin was tighter and smoother, and as with most mud masks, you actually feel it tightening and working while it’s on. Like Megan said though, I wish the effects lasted a bit longer, but it makes skin super smooth for a day or two.

2015-05-19 13.36.56Clearista Retexturizing Gel

Meg– Okay, I was a bit skeptical, but…I loved it!  I really needed to be careful not to rub too hard.  That being said, my skin was smooth afterwards and felt awesome.  I kept touching my face and having to slap my own hand away.  The only downside is that the granules that you wipe/wash off get everywhere.  Next time I am definitely using this in the shower.  I had to Swiffer my bathroom floor and I still feel the little buggers.

Paige– I actually thought this was a hair product at first, because of the name. Good thing I read the packaging before I tried it! This is a face scrub that is supposed to clean and smooth your skin. And it did do that… But, it also made huge mess, i.e., miniscule pellets EVERYWHERE, even after rinsing several times. This is definitely an in-shower product. My skin was crazy smooth after the first use though, and ladies, try it on you decolletage, and thank me later.

2015-05-19 13.37.53Sebastian Stylbrid 9 Hairspray

Megs– I admit it.  I’m hopeless when it comes to using hairspray.  It just doesn’t do anything to my hair unless I have enough in there to make it look and feel like a shellacked helmet.  On the plus side, if my bathing suit starts riding up during photo shoots (yeah…) I have just the thing (thank you, Miss Congeniality).

Paige– I really don’t use hairspray that much either, so this is just kind of “meh” for me. It seemed to work just fine and it’s supposed to have more benefits for your hair than other sprays, so on those super rare occasions when I do need it, I’ll be comfortable pulling this out. I did notice that, unlike other aerosol sprays, that can result in a sticky mess if your not careful, this dried in no time, not leaving a bad residue. It also smelled pretty good!

2015-05-19 13.36.25Teeze Head Over Heels Nail Lacquer

Megs– Best thing about this?  The box. (Paige was too excited to remove it from the box to get a good picture though. Sorry Guys!)  It’s awesome.  Such fun colors and designs.  The polish is good too.  It’s a base coat.  Goes on nicely, not too thick.  nothing outstanding, but a solid product.  I would get it just for the box.

Paige– This was so cute! I love pretty packaging and this was no exception. I also love when it’s pretty and WORKS well. This does what it’s supposed to. It went on well, and dried smooth. It seemed to dry quickly as well, which is a plus because I’m always in a rush. My nail polish went on smoothly over the top with no smearing and has pretty much stayed in place for at least 4 days as of this review. I would LOVE to try out a color from this line for summer. Bonus for me! (And this is ’cause I’m strange) I love that it comes in a square bottle that’s skinny enough to shove into an over-packed makeup bag.

2015-05-19 13.34.47Doucce Lipstick -Color 904

Megs– This is everything I dislike about lipsticks.  First, the color is just bad for me.  It has almost gray-purple undertones which make me look like I’m severely ill even in full foundation.  Second, it did not go on well.  It was almost dry and when I tried putting a bit of chapstick on first, the color wouldn’t apply.  Third, once on, it showed every ridge, bump, line, etc.  My lips aren’t super duper smooth but they are a darn sight better than this made them look.  Into the trash it went and people, I NEVER throw makeup samples out (unless they are old).

Paige– Wow, it’s like we are talking about two different lipsticks! I thought this was a really pretty matte pinky nude shade, perfect for my skin tone. I am excited about the matte lipstick trend and wanted to try it. While I was really happy with the consistency and staying power once the color was on my lips, it was really hard to get on because it was so sticky (possibly because it was the first application?). It might become easier with use though, so I will keep trying. Bonus, it stayed on through my daily run, so I’m really happy!

Update- The second time I applied, it went on much more like regular lipstick should, and kept its staying power.

Three Girls and a Box pays for all subscriptions unless otherwise stated. Glossy Box is $20 a month and is reviewed by:




Was there anything spectacular about YOUR subscription box this month? Please share… We are looking for more to subscribe to, but can’t make up our minds!

April Glossy Box Review

Wow! This month’s box is a work of art!

What a fun box top this month with the comic character like makeup girl.  And a surprise treat? There was a little bag inside this month.  Very cute, sturdy, and a welcome treat from a box that we already love the packaging on.

2015-04-14 20.51.08

2015-04-14 20.53.02

2015-04-14 20.54.04

We love it!

 The makeup bag was cute and came with a mystery discount code that I haven’t tried yet, but its always nice to get discounts

2015-04-14 20.54.55

Julep Gel Eye Glider-Smokey Taupe

 Paige- I don’t wear a lot of eyeliner, so samples are a good size for me, but, if I get the odd full size, in a good color, I’m happy. This one happens to be a nice color, and a good eyeliner in general, actually. It smudged easily, but didn’t move once I was finished. I’m very impressed.

Megan- This is a great color. Goes on really nicely.  Be careful that you get it where you want and nowhere else because it isn’t budging once it is down.  Put it in a fun thick cat eye and heavy lashes with bare or bone colored (non shimmer) lids and be prepared for a fun night.
2015-04-14 20.55.59
Lip Tar Stained Gloss in Meta

Paige- Oh My Gosh, did this color ever intimidate me. I have seen this brand in stores and have stayed away because I thought “No Way will colors like those look good on me, they are way to saturated” Was I ever shocked, then, to try this out and find that its actually quite lovely!

One coat was sheer enough to be great for regular daytime use, and two coats were perfect for a brighter lip. It goes on glossy and is not tar like at all. It feels super, and looks awesome. Definitely will be using this this summer

Megan- Lip Tar Stained a gloss in Meta: no joke, the color scared me in the box. It looks almost like a neon raspberry.  The fun of lip tar (besides it staying for a long time) is that you can layer it so that you don’t have to have full impact of the color immediately.  The barely there brush gave my lips a nice color that works with anything and is almost matte immediately but doesn’t look like your lips are dry.  A second, heavy layer gives you a sheen of slick color that is fun without being overwhelming.  Good for heading out after work or to a summer picnic in a flirty dress.  A third coat was a bit scary.  I’d save it for Halloween or someone with a bolder, more golfer skin tone than me.

2015-04-14 20.56.53

Este Lauder Enlighten Dark Spot Correcting Night Serum

Paige- I am more concerned with faint wrinkles at this point than dark spot correction, so this did not really interest me, but I’ll take a sample of this brand any time. I have always liked Este Lauder, and this really is no exception, but I might pass this onto my Mom or Mother in Law and see if they can use it.

Megan- Well, it fells nice going on, soaks in fast and cleanly, no residue at all.  The little bottle is a gorgeous blue, but it is one of those that you sort of tap the product out, there is no was to squeeze or pump it out and I can tell you that it gets old trying to get it out, even when it was brand new. I can’t imagine that I’ll have the patience to try once it is down to half a bottle or less.  Hope the full size is better designed.
2015-04-14 20.58.14
Aerin Waterlilly Sun Eau De Parfume Spray

Paige- This packaging was so pretty! I like getting perfume bottles, as opposed to vials, so this was nice. The scent is kind of a different story. I’m getting over a cold, so I either cant smell anything or I smell EVERYTHING. This hit me as being very “Fumey” lots of alcohol in this product, and the smell lingers… Once it drifted off and had been on my skin for a while though, the scent is pretty nice, a little strong, but nice.

Megan- Well, this was the disappointment of the box.  The packaging was so cute and it was a lot of spray to get in a sample but the alcohol scent when sprayed is so strong and dissipates so slowly that there is no way I will ever wear it.  That is sad because once you let the alcohol scent go away (no joke it was at least fifteen minutes before I could smell my wrist without recoiling) the scent is actually fun.  A little heavy but there are nights out when heady is a good thing 😉

2015-04-14 20.59.37-1

 Marakesh Endz Split End Mender and Preventer

Paige- Anything with Argan Oils is a must try for me, and this is no exception. It made my hair really soft and I instantly noticed a slight difference. Im sure with regular use, it will show a great improvement

Megan- Granted I don’t really have split ends to worry about (one of the perks of not using heat tools or a blow dryer on my hair, basically ever), but this smelled really nice.  Not overpowering and left my hair feeling very nice.  Did nothing for my extreme flyaways but not much does…

We love that Glossy Box always takes into account your coloring and I have have yet to receive a bad color choice from them.

This box continues to be awesome.  We look forward to it every month!

March Glossy Box Review (Megan and Paige)

2015-03-24 16.17.40
Paige’s Glossy Box
Megan’s Glossy Box
We LOVE Glossy Box. It never fails to impress and amuse. Both of us love to get the fun new products every month that are tailored specifically to our profiles. This specific box is no exception and chock full of goodies!
unnamedMegan– I received Tree Hut Shea Body Butter in Coconut Lime  – Heaven.  Heaven in a petite package.  It smells like the tropics are all around.  It goes on like silk, soaks in quickly, leaves smooth skin and no residue. $6.37 Value
2015-03-24 16.20.53Pop Beauty Kajal Pen in Inky Purple (We Both Got this!) $10 value
Megan– This a a great little  liner.  It goes on well and stays, so if you get it somewhere you didn’t mean to, it isn’t going to wipe away easily.  I may have had to redo half my face this morning when I sneezed while applying and had a line from my cheek to my eye brow…Ok, I did have to.
Paige– I was so impressed with this liner. I love purple eye makeup, and I rarely find a good enough product that is subtle enough to wear every day, but purple enough to highlight my eyes nicely. Megan is right though, I needed an eye makeup remover to get this off my face at the end of the day, and my hand after a curious mishap that i still can’t figure out.

2015-03-24 16.19.53

2015-03-25 23.49.32
Paige swatched this way to early in the morning

Bellapierre Cosmetics Cheek and Lip Stain in Pink – (Another Item we both received ) $12.99

Megan and Paige– We admit, we were both hesitant to try this.  The color was scary. It was bubblegum pink…(See Megan’s March Boxy Charm Review)   You have to go easy with it. Lots of blending.  But, when applied correctly, it is very clean and pretty.  Just a hint of flush to make you look glow-y and healthy. It even worked as an eye shadow!
This pot will last a long long time.
unnamed1Ouidad 12 Minute Deep Treatment
Megan– My hair needs this.  Badly.  I haven’t tried it yet because it is a little labor intensive to use.  First I need to buy a shower cap and then I need to unearth my hairdryer from…. somewhere…  I hope it’s as good as it says it is. $26 value for a sample size
2015-03-24 16.19.35
Orogold Cosmetics 24K Multi-vitamin Day Moisturizer – (We got a lot of the same this month)
This is a very heavy cream.  A little goes a very long way.  Both of us feel that we couldn’t use this as a day moisturizer like it says because nothing went on well on top of it, even after we let it soak.  That being said, this makes an outstanding, just-before-bed-on-a-clean-face moisturizer because it really does feel good.  (bonus, there were two of these minuscule pots in our boxes!). Value estimated at $25 per sample
2015-03-24 16.19.20
Nexxus Color Assure Shampoo
Paige– I’m all for sample and full size trials of beauty products, but I would so rather have a small sample of a SET, than a full size sample of something that wont work properly when not used in conjunction with the other items in the set.
Ok, rant over, on to the review. I didn’t like this product at all after I used it. The smell was nice, but that was it. I don’t have colored hair, so, while I can always use a good deep conditioner, a shampoo for colored hair does not work for me, other than make my hair greasy, and weirdly dry at the same time. It might have worked better had it been used with the correct conditioner, but, we’ll never know. Value Estimated at about $15 for deluxe sample size
2015-03-24 16.20.39 2015-03-25 23.52.40
So Susan Concealer Quad-
Paige– Valued at $37.14, this little gem has everything you need to conceal all sorts of imperfections. It’s an awesome blend of four great shades to cover anything you want. Its also 100% cruelty free and not tested on animals. (A HUGE plus for me) The concealers them selves are lightweight, and super sheer, though when blended properly, can offer amazing coverage. The darker colors are also great for contouring.
All in all, these boxes were valued from $105.36 to $125.13. For a monthly payment of $21, its a great value. Even though there were one or two things we didn’t like (On Paige’s end anyways), we still both feel its worth the money. Glossy box hasn’t’ let us down yet, and we are always waiting for the next awesome treat!