About Three Girls and a Box

We Are Three Very Different Girls Who Love Our Subscription Boxes!

Currently, between the three of us, we have three subscriptions to Ipsy Bag, two subscriptions to Glossy Box, and a couple of different guest subscriptions that we will review as they come in, like the Walmart Beauty Box and the new Nadine West box. On occasion we will also have guest reviewers. Three Girls and a Box Pays for all subscriptions unless otherwise noted in the review.

Who Are We?

Mateski-080Paige– I love natural beauty. Easy looks are my favorite, I am very minimal when it comes to makeup and beauty. I am an avid adventurer, and enjoy camping and off roading with my husband, so anything that makes it super easy to look good in a pinch is a great option for me. Since I spend such a large majority of my time outdoors, SPF is a must for me. On those occasions when more dressy makeup is needed, I  will experiment, but usually keep it to one eye color or a bold lip.


Megan (Megs)– I like classic beauty. I love experimenting with makeup, and years of performances have given me experience in stage applications, studio work, and social events of all kinds. Usually I will stick with a neutral pallet, but I also understand blending and enjoy experimenting with colors. I like to play up my eyes, so mascara and eye shadow samples are always fun for me. I attend a lot of events where dressier makeup is required, so I am good at playing up my best features.

2015-03-16 20.13.59

Blake– I love experimenting with new makeup trends! Give me a glittery nail polish any day, and I’m super happy. I am a nurse, so a minimal day look is a must for me. On the weekends, however, I  love to hang out at the lake or river, and with my porcelain skin, high SPF is not only recommended, its necessary! Getting dressed up for a fun night out dancing is also something I love to do. My makeup style is open for trying all sorts of new things!


Rebecca (Howie)– I love an easy and natural look when it comes to beauty, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to play and experiment with what’s trending. I’m a registered nurse, so easy everyday looks are a must. My sleep is very important to me and the later I can sleep in the better, especially when I have to leave the house by 4:30 in the morning so a quick morning routine is what I prefer, but when I’m ready to hit the town with my sweetie, I like to doll it up a bit more with a new eye trend or a fun pop of color on the lips.


Natalie– Natalie is a runner,  piano, chess, and voice teacher during the day. By night, though, she is becoming a premier cosplayer here in Southern California. She is constantly working to better her art form, which includes getting the makeup for a certain character exactly right. Her daytime style is whatever her current mood is, and she can rock a bright colored lip like no one else. As far as her cosplay is concerned, well anything and everything goes!


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