Product of the Month: Have You Tried Lipsense?

I am starting something new here at Boxy Mom. Every month, I am going to review a new product. Should be fun, right?


This month, Teeyna, over at Pretty Lippy By Teeyna supplied the products I am reviewing. Lipsense is a long lasting lip color, that is applied in 3 steps and is advertised to last from 4 to 18  hours. It also states that, if worn alone over a period of time, that your lips will be exfoliated, and will flake off years of wax buildup from other lipsticks. There are so many colors and glosses to choose from, but it was recommended that I start out with my color and the clear Glossy Gloss for the first try. The Glossy Gloss is Shea Butter based, so it is incredibly moisturizing, and my lips did feel great after wearing it for a few days.


I love the way they came packaged, I think its adorable, and just gifty enough to make me want to rip it open and try everything out!


My little package came with a number of cards, with contact information, a product list, a punch card and excellent directions and tips on how to apply your Lipsense.


Teeyna is an awesome distributor, and makes herself available to all her clients, with any questions you might have. She also offers an addition to her Facebook group, Pretty Lippy By Teeyna, so you always have a current list of what is in her stock, and what colors are coming out!


I love this little tip card because I was utterly clueless as to how to apply and make it last.


I won a color at a friends Lipsense party, and was ecstatic to try it. The color I chose was Kiss For A Cause, a really pretty blue based pink, which I thought was perfect for a trial, being a bright, obvious color.


The first thing I did was clean my lips with a warm wet cloth, followed by the Oops Remover, which, Teeyna advised, can also be used as a primer. This shot was taken about 8:30am, immediately after applying my three coats, and letting it dry, but before adding Glossy Gloss.


WHAT a difference the gloss makes! It completely brings out the beautiful color of the Lipsense, and I’m STOKED with how it looks.


This has great color payoff, and absolutely NO color transfer to the gloss sponge.


Or my finger, or my teeth. YAY.


The above is after a greasy pizza lunch and a re-addition of the gloss. It has worn off a touch in this shot, but I had not been re-applying the gloss regularly all day either, so there was bound to be a touch of rub off. This was around 2pm.


This is at the end of my day. As you can see, there is a lot of wear on the color, and it wears off from the inside out, and ends up looking like a lip liner.

I wore this from 8:30 am until I left the office at 5pm, and for 8.5 hours of wear, I will totally be purchasing more colors! I HATE to reapply lip color throughout the day, so having a color that at least lasts through the day is awesome. I love wearing bright colors, but I don’t do it often because of all the re-applications. It lasted with great color for about 4 hours, if I were at a special event, I would have had to re-apply, but still 4 hours, for a color like this, is amazing! Further testing went on to reveal that a more subtle, natural color, like Bombshell, lasted at least 6 hours, with VERY little wear.


For every Lipsense color they offer, Senegense (the parent company), creates graphics that show the color on a selection of different skin tones. I love this because the color tends to change on the lips, depending on skin tone. It’s also important to note that everyone’s chemistry is different, so the length of time color will last will differ on everyone, though it is long lasting.

I have to give this a thumbs up! Though I still love my other lip colors too much to completely make the switch and use Lipsense permanently, I will most definitely be adding it to my rotation!


Thanks for the intro to Lipsense Teeyna!





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