July Ipsy Box Review

With July, came the  HEAT. Here in Southern Ca, it’s hot hot hot. Actually, it’s hot across the US right now, so I suppose I cant really complain.
I am always excited for the summer bags because I hope for some fun bright gloss or maybe a bright blush or highlighter.
The bag is ok, but I didn’t really like, or get the theme it was promoting, which was Lazy Sunday. That’s not at all what I think about when it comes to mid summer! However, Lazy Beauty, I can get behind! I want out door adventure themes and travel themes, but I digress. Lazy Sunday it is…
Review time!

So, on the bag you’ll find a little egg yolk character, lounging on it’s egg white. I’m sure there’s a point to it, and it’s kind of cute I guess, but I just thought It was strange. It’s probably a giveaway for me, I don’t think I’ll be using it.
First up we have a Crease Brush from IBY Beauty
I always enjoy receiving brushes. I like to experiment, and blending brushes are a great size for doing just that. This is a great brand as well, so I’m happy with this, and will use it.
Next up we have Claudalie Moisturizing Sorbet. I am not a huge fan of moisturizers unless they have SPF in them, so this will only be used at night, but its light, and not greasy, so I will add it to my rotation.
This BRTC Jasmine Waterful Sleeping Pack is smells good and will be added to my nightly routine. I’m not thrilled about getting two moisturizers in one Ipsy bag, but I’ll take these because they seem to work well together.

Ofra Victory Eye Shadow is a great color. It’s a bronze-gold and perfect for my eye color and skin tone. My problem is that every time Ipsy sends me an eye shadow, it’s this same type of color. While it’s a beautiful eye shadow, and looks great, I wish that Ipsy would realize that other colors (purple or green, brown, or even a pink) can look great on us green eyed girls. Sending the same color of eye shadow every time just leaves me with a pile of unused eye shadows.


Last but not least, we have Ciate Wonderwand Gel Kohl Eyeliner. My first impression of this product is not a great one. I wore it for only about two hours and had to remove it when I started to look like a racoon. I do have oily eyelids though, so maybe it was just me?

Anyone else get these items in their bag? What did you think?



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