Walmart Summer Trend Setter Box

This arrived a few days ago!

This particular box is really a hit or miss for me, sometimes its full of awesome items that I never would have considered purchasing for my self, and sometimes there isn’t much that I’ll use. I figure, at $5 every three months, even if there’s two items I’ll use, it pays for itself. Because I we camp so often, I throw most of the travel sized items in my camp bag to be used as they are needed.


The boxes have improved since I first started receiving them, they are much nicer quality, and can be reused if you desire to do so. Most of the time, the contents are pretty half-hazardly thrown in, but I have never received a damaged item, so they are obviously doing something right.


This month was a little lighter than they usually are, but there were still a few good things in it. I really like these Ecotools Mask Remover Sponges, because I don’t like scrubbing the masks off with my washcloths. These seem like they will be more gentle, but grab more product.


These Impress Press on Manicure Nails are actually a very pretty update from the ones we used as kids. I wonder if they are updated enough to actually stay on my nails all day? Whenever I tried to use them, they were falling off within an hour, so I’m excited to see if the glue formula has been updated to a more active lifestyle.


I have been wanting to try the new version of Pantene Pro-V Dream Care out, so I cant wait to try these little guys. They are still only one or two uses, but that gets me through a few day son the road, so they are good to have.


I am not a huge fan of styling gel, because I think it makes my hair kind of crunchy, but I’ll put this Got2Be Ultra Glued away for when i want a slick style, or to take those pesky post pregnancy flyaway hairs.


As I have said in the past, facial wipes are always great to have on hand! This package of Simple Cleaning Facial Wipes wont last long, but they will probably get me through one trip, and save a bit of money, so I’m a happy camper. Simple is also a fantastic brand, and super gentle on hormonal skin.


Last but not least, we have Real Techniques Bush Cleaning Gel.  I am an avid user of Castile soap and baby shampoo when cleaning brushes, so I will totally try this out, never having used an actual brush cleaner before. I don’t clean my brushes often enough! (Do any of us, really?)

I’m slightly underwhelmed at the lack of makeup in this box, but I’ll take it and use most of whats in here anyways!

What do you think?




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