July Ipsy Box Review

With July, came theĀ  HEAT. Here in Southern Ca, it’s hot hot hot. Actually, it’s hot across the US right now, so I suppose I cant really complain.
I am always excited for the summer bags because I hope for some fun bright gloss or maybe a bright blush or highlighter.
The bag is ok, but I didn’t really like, or get the theme it was promoting, which was Lazy Sunday. That’s not at all what I think about when it comes to mid summer! However, Lazy Beauty, I can get behind! I want out door adventure themes and travel themes, but I digress. Lazy Sunday it is…
Review time!

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Walmart Summer Trend Setter Box

This arrived a few days ago!

This particular box is really a hit or miss for me, sometimes its full of awesome items that I never would have considered purchasing for my self, and sometimes there isn’t much that I’ll use. I figure, at $5 every three months, even if there’s two items I’ll use, it pays for itself. Because I we camp so often, I throw most of the travel sized items in my camp bag to be used as they are needed.

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