June Sephora Play Box Review

The insert that tells you whats in the box, and how to use it. I REALLY like the fact that everyone gets the same items.

Bare Minerals Bare Skin Sheer Sun Bronzer Serum

This was promising at first, but after a squeeze and a slight rub, it started almost pilling on my skin, and left no color what so ever. 2016-06-21-10.45.53.jpg.jpgIt also felt a bit oily, and wont play well with other makeup. It’s not something I’d want to wear if I knew I was going to be sweating all day.

Tarte Tartegaurd 30 Sunscreen Lotion

I always love getting sunscreen samples in subscription boxes, and this is no exception. It’s a sheer, light formula, that seems to sink in quickly, and didn’t interfere with other makeup. The price point is too high for me to want to buy full size, but I love the sample!

Becca Backlight Priming Filter

I have been really looking forward to receiving a Becca sample in a subscription box. This is a great product, and is a good size, so it will go a long way. It adds a beautiful sheen to the skin. Even though it’s a primer, I can see myself using it as a highlighter instead. Very light, sheer formula.

Benefit They’re Real Mascara

I love this mascara, in fact I hoard the mini mascara samples that come my way because they usually work better than the full size product. This particular mascara is a great formula, and I love the brush. It doesn’t leave clumps, and has great build-ability. It seems water proof, but it doesn’t say on the packaging that it is. It was a little aggravating trying to get it off the first time, but I’m used to just using water on my mascara. So once that was adjusted, I found I really likes the formula, and I love the unique shape of the brush.

Bb Don’t Blow It (H)air Styler

20160620_210914-01.jpegI’m very excited about this product. I have seen it advertised, but now I’m glad that I never got around to purchasing it! It is a cream that is supposed to mimic the look and volume of a blowout, but without having to actually use a hairdryer. Since I NEVER take a hairdryer to my hair, this prospect really excites me.

Tocca Florence Perfume

This is such a beautiful, light fragrance, it is a pleasure to wear, and I can see myself buying it in the future.

Did anyone else get the June Play Box?

What was your favorite part?

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