September Ipsy Bag Review

Paige's September Ipsy Bag
Paige’s September Ipsy Bag
Blake's Ipsy Bag
Blake’s Ipsy Bag

This bag is a lot of fun! We all unanimously loved it, and will definitely use it in the near future.

Creme Ultra Reparatrice

Blake– This ultra repair cream is AMAZING. It goes on thick but does not leave a gross residue. I give this 5 ipsy bags.

ClariSEA SeaSalt Solution

Blake– Yet another product that I feel is amazing. I love that you can use this exfoliant just with water or also with a cleanser. Another great thing is the charcoal factor which again I love. I give this product 5 ipsy bags.

Crown Brush Infinity Shadow/Crease Duet Brush

Natalie– Crown Brush is another great brand that I already knew about prior to Ipsy. The brushes from this company are high quality and affordable. I own many of their blush/contour and foundation brushes. This brush was a nice addition to my brush collection. The flat shadow section picked up the shadow quickly and didn’t give me a lot of excess. I was able to use it once and get all the color I needed. I was not as impressed with the crease portion of this brush. It works well but is more firm than then the crease brushes I normally use. It is still a great product but not for me. I will definitely use the shadow portion of this brush more than the crease. Overall I give this a 4 out 5.


NYX in collaboration with Ipsy Eye Shadow Pallette

Paige-  I love all things NYX, so I was excited to see this collaboration. The formula, as always, went on well, and stayed all day. The only thing, and I say this every time I get an eye shadow from Ipsy, is that they send the same colors as every other eye shadow I’ve gotten from Ipsy. There are other colors out there, and a girl can only use so many brown and copper shadows at once. Other than the color issue, (dont get me wrong, I will use these colors, eventually) This was a great surprise. 5/5 from me!

Blake– This is a great trio with complimenting colors that go great for a night out. The shadow does not go on to heavy which is a must. I give this product 4/5 ipsy bags.

Natalie– I was overjoyed to get this trio in my bag. I adore NYX products and this was no exception. The colors are a great neutral set that I can use for many different looks. The reason I love NYX so much is the affordability for the product. You spend much less than high end brands and get the same, if not better, results. The pigmentation is great and a little goes a long way. The nude color has a bit of a shimmer to it and is a great color that can be used as a base tone over the entire lid. The brown shade was nice for the overall crease and I applied the dark brown/black into the outer “V”. This created a great neutral look that was easy to transition to night with another wash of color from the trio. If you are looking for a great eyeshadow, look no further than NYX for an affordable, and gorgeous, product. I rate this a 5/5.

JCat Beauty Waterproof Eye Pencil

Natalie– JCat is a brand that I discovered through Ipsy. I am in love with their Liptitude lipstains and use them regularly. I definitely see this brand as an up and coming one. The products are reasonably priced and provide a great color payoff and what is best is they last! The pencil sharpens easily and glides on smooth. It doesn’t tug on your lid at all. I don’t know about the color as it is a bright bronze but if it were a dark brown or a black I would definitely purchase this product. 5/5


Trestique Matte Lip Crayon

Paige– I enjoy the Trestique brand, I have any eye crayon from them ( in GREEN!) that I love. The lipstick is a different matter though. I can’t handle the color, it’s this nude beige-y color that only looks good on, like, 3 people. The formula is OK, if a little drying, but I think that’s just par for the course with a matte lipsticks. So, not too happy with the lipstick, although if they sent me a different color, i might feel differently. This in no way looks natural, nor does it flatter my skin tone. 3/5 Ipsy Bags.

Blake– I do love this line of products and this color is great. The color name is Nantucket nude which it is light but goes on smooth. I give this 4/5 Ipsy bags.


Glam Glow Flash Mud Brightening Treatment

Paige– I love Glam Glow Products, and this one was no exception. I don’t buy them regularly because I feel that the price point is too high for me, so when I get them in a bag, I am extremely excited. This formula is great, I did not notice any changes, but I don’t have to many spots or need to much brightening.  I am very happy with this selection! 4/5 bags

Eau Thermale Avene Soothing Moisture Mask

Natalie– I didn’t use this product either. I don’t do the mask thing. Have no plans on using it nor will I ever. I am also giving this away. 0/5 Bags


Garnier Fructise Brazillian Smooth Flat Iron Express

Paige– Garnier is a great brand, and works well in my hair. I love that this is a full size product, and it smells great, as do all their products. I don’t use a lot of heat in my hair, but, when I do, I always use a heat protectant. This one will come in very handy. It did not leave me with a greasy feeling after I curled, and I really appreciated that. Way to go on the full size here Ipsy, as well as an affordable product, that i will definitely re-purchase. 5/5 Ipsy Bags!


Formula X Nail Color in Ignite

Paige– I like the Formula X brand. I think the polishes are great, but those little tiny brushes are hard to get full coverage out of. That being said, I actually like small bottles of polish because it takes me forever to go through a full sized, so the small works well for me. This is an excellent formula. I am hard on my hands, and rarely get nail polish to last for more than a few days, but this stayed on for a solid 5 days! Because it is a darker color, you’ll want to use some sort of base, because it will stain. But all in all the color and the polish worked really well for me. This is a great fall/ winter color and it will definitely get used. 4/5 Bags!

Blake– I have started to get hooked on nail polish!  (I can thank Paige for that.) This color is called Ignite and boy does it. The color is beautiful and it goes on smooth. It does take some time to dry. I give this 4 ipsy bags.

Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish in “Elegantly Wasted”

Natalie– I didn’t use this product. I have an OPI color exactly this same shade and was already wearing this color, interestingly enough, when I received my glam bag. I have no opinion on this product as I didn’t use it and don’t plan to. I am giving it away to a friend.

Overall, we really enjoyed the bags this month!

Natalie was happy that she received hers on time, as that had been an issue in the past, although she will only use three items out of the bag, and Blake and Paige were incredibly happy with  everything. It was a good month!

What did you like out of the September bags?

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