July Glossy Box Review

Paige’s Glossy Box
Megan’s Glossy Box

Our hearts go pitter-patter when we see the gorgeous shipping box outside after returning home from work!  Even better, the blush pink inner box (once uninfested with the weirdly shedding black crinkle paper) is great for keeping all my various box samples we get over the course of the month. Our boxes were VERY similar this month. (Although, we did get different colors of the nail polish)

wpid-2015-09-02-12.09.51.jpg.jpegGlamGlow Youthcleanse Daily Clearing Cleanser

Megs– Say that three times fast.  Goodness.  Well, I’m a huge fan of GlamGlow and I love their SuperGlow Mud Masks (even though it is horribly expensive).  This cleans very nicely.  The mud to foam is a bit weird but easy enough to do in the shower.  Not sure that I’d spend $35 on this when a $5-6 drug store cleanser works just as well…

Paige– I have to agree with Megs. Being that it’s clay, it is a little strange to use. I do, however, feel the exfoliation right away. I was pleased with the results, pores seemed smaller, blackheads seemed to dissipate. Still, with the $35 price tag, I feel like that money would be better spent on a mask that I might use a couple times a week, rather than a cleanser that I would use twice a day.

wpid-20150824_202012.jpgPop Beauty Kajal Pen in Sooty Black

Megs– Super pointy when it began but wore down really quickly.  I actually had to sharpen it again before doing my second eye.  Nice blender tip on the other side but my problem is that it smudges a little too well when you don’t want it to.  Two hours in and I looked a bit like a raccoon (and not intentionally).

Paige– I have never really learned how to apply eyeliner the correct way. I can use it, but it always seems to smudge, and I never get a straight line. This was no exception. I am not sure whether that was me or the liner, but it just had no staying power, it smeared, everywhere. Probably would not buy this again.

wpid-2015-09-02-12.16.25.jpg.jpegManna Kadar Cosmetics Lash Primer

Megs– Well, it went on nicely.  Mascara applied over it without any issues but I couldn’t see a difference in my lashes.  Just another step to the mascara process that wasn’t needed.  Too bad, I would have loved to discover falsies without the glue…

Paige– I love the idea of a primer that thickens and lengthens. I did need a couple coats, but I found that it made a difference! Megs is right, its not the look of false lashes, but it is an enhancement under your regular mascara. I’ll plan on pulling this out for dates and other special occasions.

wpid-2015-09-02-12.12.32.jpg.jpegLollipops Makeup Lip Balm in Delicieuse

Megs– Fine as lip balms go.  Nothing really remarkable about it. Not a whole lot of flavor, color, or scent.  Nicely glossy without being sticky.  Weirdly hard to get out of the tube…

Paige– This smelled and tasted great! Almost like sugar cookies. I was a bit disappointed that there was absolutely no color to this balm, I would have loved the subtle pinky hue that the package implies. Besides that, the balm is nice and glossy, but not the kind of sticky that will make a mess out of your hair if it blows in your face. I like it!

wpid-20150824_201024.jpgSpaRitual Nail Lacquer

Megs– I saw the color on the card and was SO excited!  Then I saw the color I got (which while pretty, wasn’t the awesomeness that was featured on the card).  The polish went on VERY nicely.  Stayed really well.  The color I received is very nice and in October or November when the leaves are turning (in other parts of the country, they never seem to turn in Southern California) I’ll pull out this russet/pink/gold and pair it with some fabulous sweaters and jeans.  In the mean time, I’m going to hunt down the color on the card.  On a side note the card points out that the ingredients in this are ‘vegan’.  What would other polishes have in them to make them NOT vegan?!  Maybe I don’t want to know the answer to that question…

Paige– I got this really pretty pink that’s perfect for me. I am not a metallics person, so I was relieved when I opened the box to find the pink, non metallic polish. It did go on smoothly and dried quickly (which is awesome because I am super clumsy with wet nails), and will definitely be worn.

What did you guys think of the August Box?

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1422351_10201553937423084_1684305321_nand Paige


July Ipsy Bag

Paige’s Ipsy Bag
Blake's Ipsy Bag
Blake’s Ipsy Bag

Paige– I thought the bag was really cute! Its not my favorite, but it’s still something I’ll use.

Blake– Ok can I just start off by saying that I love, really love, this bag. Unfortunately out of the kindness of my heart, I gave it to my mother because it matches her luggage set.

wpid-20150812_204601-1.jpgBella Pierre Lipstick in P.I.N.K.

Paige– This is a pretty summer color. I am not sure if it works with my skin tone yet, but I am going to keep trying because I think its a really pretty neutral.

Blake– I love this lipstick. It applies so smooth and the shade is not to bright and not to dull for me. I also love this brand of cosmetics. I give this 5/5 Ipsy bags amazing product.


Eco Beauty Good Night Night Cream

Paige– I took this camping with me to Big Bear this weekend, and it was nice to have something that worked SO well for hydration. It is not gooey, and does not leave an oily film, but moisturizes fully and keeps your skin moisturized until you wake up. I noticed a difference in moisture after one use.


Glam Dolls Eye Shadow in Sorcery

Paige– I have to hand it to Ipsy, they do take your coloring into account. The problem is that they also send a lot of the same colors in different brands. I Have received a lot of eye shadows similar to this one. I do like the color however, and it will get used. It went on easily, and blended easily.


Marc Anthony Argan Oil of Morocco

Paige– This is very nice. I use hair oil pretty regularly to tame my ends, and I like this product and the brand as well. The sample size is large, as they go, and will last for some time.

Blake–  Well I do love Moroccan hair oil to a point. My hair likes to hold oil in so I don’t like to use them that much. I loved this travel size because it just fits so perfect in my to-go bag. It did make my hair silky, smooth and gave it a shine and what girl doesn’t like that? I give this product 4 ipsy bags.

wpid-20150812_204821-1.jpgOfra Lip Liner in Wine

Paige– It’s nice to get a lip liner and not an eye liner! This was a good color and helped to tone down the pink lipstick perfectly!

 image8image7Doll 10 Beauty Blush

Blake– I am usually really picky with blush but this product was awesome. It glides on and sets perfect. At first when I saw the term hydrogel I thought it was going to be sticky and thick, but that is not how it is at all. This is another 5 bags. 🙂

image9Lord & Berry lip liner

Blake– I was very disappointed with the color of this product. It says nude but it is brown. I will probably try it as a lip color mixed with another color but lip liner no thank you. Very sad 1 bag.

image10Lather Ultra Mild Face Wash

Blake– This product was not bad and not amazing. It was just ordinary face wash with average smell. So I give this 3 bags.

All in all we loved this bag!

What did you get in your Ipsy this month?

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Summer Target Beauty Box Unboxing and Review

EEP! Love these boxes!

The beauty boxes from Target are such an awesome value, and this one gets extra points because you get to see what’s in it before you purchase! We have skipped a couple in the past because we were not interested in what was in them. The ONLY drawback from this box is that you have to follow the Target Style Facebook page, and keep an eye out for when the boxes are released. They are sporadic about it, and sell out very quickly.

Wow, that’s a horrible picture… Sorry guys.

This box also has some of the best packaging for the value. At $7 per box, you get several full size items and a couple trial sized. It comes beautifully arranged in a sturdy black box, and red or pink tissue paper. It also comes with a coupon for $3 off a purchase from the beauty dept. at Target.

wpid-20150810_213741-1.jpgThe Super Sizer- By Lash Blast Covergirl

Paige– I was really excited about this mascara. I use their Lash Blast Fusion on a regular basis, and it works like a charm. I was planning on making the Super Sizer one of my next purchases in store, so I was stoked to see that it would be included in this seasons box. Sadly, it does not hold up to the standards of the other Lash Blast products in the line. It could be because I usually wear brown, and this was Very Black, but it felt like the formula smeared a little too easily. It also clumped on my lashes, but that could be because the brush was hard for me to get used to. (You have to twirl it as you apply). I really think that this was user error and not the mascara it self. Because this line from Covergirl has such awesome products, I am willing to take the blame on this one, I don’t do well with change. (of mascara brush, that is)

Megs: I’m on the fence.  I really like the applicator but don’t care all that much for the mascara.  It goes on a little clumpy and is horrendous to get off.  I feel like I have to peel it off with my finger nails (and take precious lashes with it) before it is truly gone.  None of my wipes/foams/cleansers/removers are up to the task…

wpid-20150810_213638-1.jpgClairol Hair Food

Paige– This has a very distinct weird (almost cat urine) smell, so it was hard to get into the idea of rubbing it all over my hair.. However, I am nothing if not adventurous, and I love hair masks and use them religiously, so this WILL get used. (Also, the smell goes away as soon as its rinsed out, so that’s good) As with most masks, the formula is thick and super moisturizing, and hard to wash out with the super low water pressure at my house… so that’s fun. However, that is not the products fault, and once it was all rinsed out, my hair was softer, and a bit easier than it usually is to manage, so this will keep getting used. It was also a full size, so the value is there.

Megs- First, I LOVE that there is actually enough here is use on my hair more than once.  With most hair masks I have to use two or three to get full coverage.  Feels nice, smells fine, didn’t make much of a difference.

wpid-20150810_213722-1.jpgCrest 3D White Express Whitestrips

Paige– I am a little nervous to try these, because the last time I used anything like this, (albeit, this was for my wedding 7 years ago) it made my teeth really sensitive. However, I do love my morning coffee, and the idea of getting the whitening results of several uses in a one hour time span is tempting, and I will try before bed one night soon. I started out a little miffed about the size of this sample, but upon researching it a bit more, the whole kit comes with only four strips, and they are super-powered, so this size seems like a good portion at a quarter of the regular size.

Megs– I’m interested to try these.  I haven’t yet because I haven’t had an hour at home that I didn’t either need to eat something and then sleep or just go straight to sleep…but I’m looking forward to the day when it is possible to sit with something in my mouth for an uninterrupted hour (and I remember that I have these when that hour presents itself).

wpid-20150810_213815-1.jpgFekkai Pre-Soleil Hair Mist

Paige– This is a dry oil mist that I have received in this beauty box before. The smell is strong, but not unpleasant, and works well as a friz fixer. It is supposed to work as a sun protectant, but I have yet to experience sun burnt hair, (hats, people) so I’m not sure how much to expect here. It does work well as a shine enhancer, so I’m happy and will continue to use it.

Megs–  Well, I avoid the sun like the plague so this isn’t exactly something that I look for.  It smells nice, but that’s about all I have to say.

wpid-20150810_213750-1.jpgOlay Active Botanicals Moisturizing Toner

Paige– This smells really good (have you noticed I enjoy things that smell good?) It is moisturizing as toners go, when I remember to use them. I did not notice anything spectacular about this. It tones. And it smells good. Not a bad product, but it is a toner, so it probably wont get re-purchased.

Megs– I know that it calls out that it is moisturizing and non-drying but my skin hates toners.  This was no exception (which is sad because I like Olay products normally)

wpid-20150810_213758-1.jpgOlay Active Botanicals Moisturizing Day Lotion

Paige– This lotion is SUPER moisturizing! It was a very pleasant surprise, although you’d never know it by the initial texture. It is more watery than creamy (as was proven by the waterfall of lotion when I upended the bottle accidentally) It went on really smoothly. I was not expecting it to have all that much staying power, but was happy to find that a few hours later, my skin was still soft and supple. If this had any SPF (Hear me OLAY!) it would make a perfect day lotion.

Megs–  As I said, I like Olay products.  I like this one.  It goes on very nicely.  A little goes a long way.  Absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave film behind.  I use it at night though because it is a little too heavy for day use in my opinion.

All in all, a fun box to receive and you can’ beat the price.  Oh, and the $3 off coupon.  Thanks, Target!  We know we’ll use it!
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