Younique Pigment Review



Paige–  These were so fun to review! When Holly Jurick, of Younique products, sent these to me, I was very impressed by the presentation. The package came with a very cute hand written card, tips on how to use the products and how she creates her day looks, (which can be found on her Facebook page- Holly Johnson-Jurick ) and a card with the info for ordering or hosting a party at her Younique website- The colors she sent were: Confidence (a dark coppery brown), Sexy (a bare pink shimmer), and Regal (a rich purple).  There is also an amazing fiber mascara (it was not included) that we all want to buy as soon as we can!

To the reviews!

Blake is testing Sexy


Blake: I had really wanted to review this product, so it was an awesome surprise when my amazing cousin Paige sent me a pigment to review. This is just a great highlighter for me. I use it when I contour and when I want to highlight my eyebrows (which at the moment need to get done, lol).  I also mixed it with my eye shadow to add a pop for days that I just feel blah. I love that I can’t feel it but it’s there and that It has more than one use. Lets face it, make-up is expensive, so I want things that have more than one purpose or can provide me with more than one look. I absolutely love this product and want more !!!!!

Megs is testing Confidence


Megs: I really like the color of this pigment.  It was rich and deep without being too sparkly.  Just a subtle shimmer.  It went on well and stayed well.  I haven’t tried blending it with other like pigments, but don’t think it would be too hard to do given how well it held. 🙂

Paige is testing Regal


Paige: This stuff was awesome! Stayed on all day with NO creasing, which NEVER happens for me. I was really impressed with the selection of colors available on the site. Holly knows me and my coloring, and sent 3 PERFECT shades to try. Two neutral and one awesome purple that I cant wait to wear again. I was lucky enough to be able to test all three and use some of her tips before I had to send them on to the rest of the girls to review.

Paige is testing Confidence and Sexy as eye shadows, liner, and highlighters here
The only good lighting I could find at 7:30 in the morning was by the coffee maker at work… go figure. Yes, I’m still half asleep

I tried these colors as mix-ins, blends, and single colors, as well as eyeliner, wet and dry. I also used the darker coppery color, Sexy, as a contouring powder. The pigments did it all, and with the color called Confidence, we even got some highlighter action out of it!

Check it out! It even works as a nail polish!

I even went a bit crazy and decided to try mixing some of that purple with a clear nail polish to see what would happen. It was beautiful! I’m sure that is not what these pigments are intended for, but its neat to see there is so much that can be done with them.

Talk about an amazing product with multiple uses. We all decided we need to try more. Also, because we are a sample review site, I have to give Holly props for sending out three colors and even though they are standard sample sizes, they will last us for a long time, because you just don’t need that much product to make a big impact.

Thanks Holly, I know we will be visiting your site soon to make some purchases!


August Birchbox Unboxing

Howie's Birchbox
Howie’s Birchbox

I thought the packaging was beautiful. I loved the spring flowers. This is my first box with Birchbox and overall I’m very pleased. I think I’ll keep this subscription going.

LAQA&Co. Cheeky Lip in the color Humble Brag:
I love getting full size lip colors and this one didn’t disappoint. When I first tried this, it was shockingly pink on me and I thought this one wasn’t going to make the cut, but then I paired it with my Mac lip liner in Whirl and it was the perfect summer pink for me, I’m very excited to use this one for a fun date night!

St. Tropez in Shower Tanning Lotion:
I don’t usually like tanning lotions, I’ve had bad experiences with streaking. This one seems to be working pretty well, but a few more uses and I’ll know for sure if it’s working. I guess it’s a good thing I wear pants to work, who knows if I’m going to end up with zebra striped legs.

Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion:
I love, love, love this exfoliant. It’s so gentle on my face that I didn’t think it was working, but wow my skin looks great and is so smooth. I will definitely be using this one a few times a week.
Ferterer Leave-In Smoothing Fluid for Hair:
So, as you can tell by my cute pics, I have very short hair so I don’t get too excited about hair products unless it’s a new taffy (my favorite to use for my short hair, I don’t like pomades), but this did make my locks feel smoother and softer, this one is probably going to my sister for her to use on her long tresses.

O. P. I Nail Polish:
Ok first I have to say a baby nail polish bottle?!?!? ADORABLE!  I’ve always been a fan of O. P. I.  and I love this color, it’s a perfect transitioning season color. Unfortunately, I don’t know the name because it’s not listed on the bottle, but I would describe it as a metallic peach with a hint of copper. This will be well used as we’re heading into late summer and early fall!

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New Writer!

We wanted to welcome a new reviewer to our little group!

Her name is Rebecca, but we all call her Howie. She will be reviewing Birchbox, which is a box none of us have right  now, and Ipsy. We are excited about the extra reviews, and being able to work with another registered nurse is great because we just know she will have some quick beauty tips for us. Howie is located in Utah where she lives with her Boyfriend and works at a nearby hospital. Check out her official Three Girls profile here.

Welcome Howie!

We are glad your with us!


July Ipsy Unbagging

Paige’s Ipsy Bag
Megan's Ipsy Bag
Megan’s Ipsy Bag

This little pink envelope makes us so happy when we find it in the mail! Our bags were really different this month, and we love seeing what we get every month.

Lets get right to it

wpid-20150717_065648-1.jpgThe Bag

Paige– I love it! it might be my favorite so far, perfect for a little summer clutch.

Megs– Not a huge fan of the design on this month’s page but I love what’s in it 🙂

wpid-img_1601.jpgBe a Bombshell Lip Balm in French Kiss

Megs– Well, I’ve enjoyed their lipsticks and I like how the lip balm feels.  Not wild about the color.  When it’s on, it is a really pale pink that just sort of washes me out.  I will be keeping this on the nightstand for this times when I wake up with the driest lips this side of the Sahara.

wpid-img_1593.jpgJor’el Parker Classico Eau De Parfum
Megs– I really like the smell of this!  I’m picky when it comes to perfume and so I’m very pleasantly surprised with this little rollerball.  I feel that this will become one that gets thrown into the travel bag often.
Tarte Eye Shadow
Megs– Well, Tarte is one of my favorite brands.  This color is amazing.  It blends beautifully.  It stays wonderfully.  Basically, it’s everything that I expect from Tarte.  And it’s in super cute packaging.
wpid-20150717_065808-1.jpgJelly Pong Pong 2-in-1 Eyeliner and Shadow
Megs– This a really fun color but it’s a little too light for a liner and a bit dark for shadow.  That being said I’m enjoying trying to figure out a way to use it.  It’s not going to be an everyday color but should be fun for the weekend.  It goes on pretty well but it’s a little bit heavy when you use it to cover the entire lid.  Also, the name?  Really weird.
Paige– I love this color! It is perfect for me to wear on a daily basis. I agree the name leaves something to be desired, but I have tried their products before, and the texture is consistent, and the pencil actually stayed on and in one place all day! I’ll take it.
wpid-img_1599.jpgEau Thermale Avene Cleanance Gel
Megs– Well, I can’t read anything on the bottle but my limited understanding of French tells me that it is a face wash.  Not scented (yay!).  Feels nice (again, yay).  Took my makeup off without removing any skin (always a bonus).  So…there you go. 🙂
wpid-20150717_065823-1.jpgCrown Brush Tweezers
Paige– I was so excited to see these in my bag! These are great, they are sharp enough to get to the root of the hair, but not sharp enough to poke. These are really good quality and I would buy them again.
wpid-20150717_065740-1.jpgTeeze Matte Lipstick
Paige– This is not my color at all. Although I really like the formula, the orangey color DOES NOT look good with my skin. You need super white teeth, and be a bit tanner or a bit paler, to wear a color like this, which does not work. It does go on well though, and stays until you wipe it off. If it was slightly pinker, I would love it!
wpid-20150717_065714-1.jpgPur-Lisse Utlra Skin Brightening Serum
Paige– This serum is creamy and really does brighten skin up a bit. I love it for around my eyes, when I didn’t get a good nights sleep.
wpid-20150717_065706-1.jpgOctavia La Playa (Sea Salt Spray)
Paige– To be honest, although I appreciate products like this, I have never really learned how to use this stuff, and I feel like it always makes my hair kinda oily. Since I don’t style my hair all that often, (or ever) this is probably something that will be thrown in the “Use When I’m Feeling Adventurous (and have time for a re-do)”  basket. It smells nice though, like the beach!
What did everyone think of their bags this month?
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June Glossy Box Unboxing

Paige's Glossy Box
Paige’s Glossy Box
Meg's Glossy Box
Meg’s Glossy Box

Megs– I came home today to a plethora of boxes.  Glossy, Ipsy, FitFabFun, and….not to be knocked, my 4pk of replacement blades from Dollar Shave Club.  Beauty Army was a pass this month since the sample selection was exactly the same as last month and last month was a lackluster to say the least.

Paige– I love getting the mail mid month! SO many fun things to open! Glossy box is always interesting , and I can never wait to see what I got in my box! It never fails that I get at least one thing I’m stoked about and cant wait to try. It has really curbed my makeup buying habits too, because you never know what your going to get. For the price and value, it cant be beat.

wpid-img_1607.jpgFace Stockholm Eye Pencil

Megs– Nice pencil.  Can’t go wrong with eye liner.  I love this deep navy color.  Goes on nicely, fits in my sharpener (really, that is a make or break for me and you’d be surprised at how many name brand pencils don’t fit into the standard size sharpeners…).  The $17.00 listed price is a bit of a shock and if that was actually what I saw it for in the store, I would be looking for another liner.  There was nothing $17.00 worth of spectacular about it.
wpid-20150717_070718-1.jpgPaige– I agree with Megs, this is not worth $17 to me. Especially since I got the white color, which I never would have bought in the store because for some reason, I get white eye pencils in boxes constantly. However, a friend recently taught me how to use one correctly, so they MIGHT be seeing a little more use from me. It’s not a bad formula though, and seems to blend nicely.
wpid-20150717_070825.jpgNaked Lips Organic Lip Balm
Megs– I love peppermint lip balm.  Burts Bees is my standard go to but this is a nice addition to the pack.  Goes on without feeling like you are tearing your lips and as of two hours in, is still nicely moisturizing and I can tell it’s still on.
Paige– My husband and I can’t get enough of peppermint lip balm, it just feels more like it’s working, and I love that this is organic. Feels great going on, not to sticky, and  really lightweight.
wpid-20150717_070807-1.jpgHey Honey I Peel Good!
Megs – I’m a fan of this brand.  I’ve actually used this exact item before and really like it.  It’s supposed to be for skin (you know, like cheeks) but I’ve found that I really like it for my lips.   Just a dab and rub it around for a bit really makes them nice and smooth.
Paige– I like this brand as well, but I have never tried it on my lips- I will now though! I did really like it, I like that it’s a fast process, and really easy to achieve results.
wpid-img_1614.jpgShesha Skin Therapy Rejuvenating Anti-Wrinkle Mask
Megs – I really like face masks that have the cloth base.  I appreciate that the mask doesn’t dry on your face and feel like you’ve lost all ability to move your facial muscles.  I put it in the fridge for a bit like the card suggested.  It felt great.  Cool and a bit tingly.  I’m not feeling any huge difference for my ‘mature skin’ but it was an enjoyable 25 minutes (I’m a rebel, yes.  I went 5 minutes more than recommended).  I have to say that I like the Sephora masks a bit better.  They have a lot of variations to choose from and they smell good.  (Shameless plug for one of my favorite places to spend money).
wpid-20150717_070752-1.jpg Kueshi Anticellulite Booster
Megs– My first thought when I saw this was that the bottle was huge.  I have no idea if it works on cellulite like it claims but it smells really nice, feels silky going on, leaves no residue and leaves my skin soft.  Other than the fact that I have no idea where I would buy this (hello, Amazon!), I would buy this again
Paige– I was excited to try this, and was REALLY excited to see that it was a HUGE tube. (Like full size huge) It is smooth, and its very creamy and rubs in really well, unfortunately, the smell is not something that I can handle. It smelled a bit mature for what I generally like. Kind of a powdery scent. I prefer flowery or fruity, or none. No smell is always a good thing. I will try this again, in hopes that the smell was not as overpowering as I remember.
wpid-20150717_070849.jpgLaneige Water Sleeping Mask
Paige– I have actually used this before, I received it in another box. Its an interesting product, although the idea of sleeping with a mask on was unappealing… at first. This stuff soaks in so well, and is so moisturizing. Its an awesome find, and I’m happy to have another little pot of it.
So what did all of you think of the July Glossy Box?