Fab Fit Fun Summer Edition Unboxing and Review

wpid-fullsizerender-1.jpgThe Fab Fit Fun Box by Giuliana Rancic.

This box was sent for review, at a discounted rate.

Well. This is a Massive box. (It had better be, with the $50 price tag)

Here goes!

Paige's- see Megan's above
Paige’s- See Megan’s above
Wren 14Kt Gold and Black Sapphire Necklace
Megan and Paige– OOOH.  Jewelry.  We love jewelry.  We love sapphires and gold.  We don’t love this necklace.  The size is great (18” + 2” extender), the shape is really cute (Gold heart for Megan, rose gold moon for Paige) and the packaging is nice.  The problem lies in the fact that the (very large) item detail sheet says that this would retail for $100.  It is by far the highest retail in the mix and the workmanship of it doesn’t hold up.  The sapphire doesn’t sparkle at all.  We do realize that it’s small and black but it is faceted and should therefore do… something…This implies that it is very badly cut and murky (Again- It’s black, but there should be a touch of clarity). The other issue is that the flat part of the surface of both pendants were not buffed well.  You see lots of surface pitting that should have been sanded/buffed/smoothed before being dipped.  It’s just sort of cheap.  A bit downer on the first item (We’re just going in sheet order).  Bottom line is that its a great $15-$20 piece, it is most definitely NOT worth the $100 that the card states, and neither of us would pay the full price for this.
 wpid-20150724_151329-1.jpgFabFitFun x CosmoBody Jump Rope
Retail $14
Megan and Paige– Meg knew that her job would come back to bite her someday.  She knows just a little too much about how much it actually costs to make items.  Some one who does not know about the cost of manufacture might pay $14 for this (very decent, and nicely colored and branded) jump rope, but Megan also knows that they can be made in China for less than $0.80 each.  There is no packaging to speak of (which normally adds anywhere from $0.20-$0.80 depending on what kind it is) and even paying royalties for the ‘CozmoBody’ branding, there is no way that this landed for more than $2.00 (Being very generous here). That would usually mean that it would sell for $7-10.  Again, it seems a bit overpriced for something like this.
wpid-20150724_151517-1.jpgEveryday Wireless Speaker Retail $29.99
This one is spot on for price. It’s a fun color (Meg’s a pink girl if you haven’t figured that out already). We love that it is rechargeable and the blue tooth  option makes it great to take to the beach or on a picnic.
wpid-20150724_151356-1.jpgScratch Nail Wraps
Retail $12
Megan– Well, these are thick and sort of like puffy paint.  I get that they want it to emulate nail polish but the texture is just sort of weird.  The triangle design is kind of cool, I wanted a bit of a brighter color.  The nude/pink/pale color doesn’t work with my skin tone.
Paige -I liked the color, it’s fun maybe for one nail, but it’s a bit intricate for the whole hand. I thought the texture was fine, when you got BOTH coats of plastic off (one on the front and one on the back) I didn’t think they were that thick once on, and even though there are like 16 in the pack, I think these will last me for a while because I might wear just 2 at a time. $12 feels a bit high for the product, but it is what they are retailing for, so its about right. The one thing that bothered me is that you had to go to the website to get directions, yes they were relatively easy to apply, but is one extra tiny piece of paper in the package to much to ask for?
wpid-2015-07-24-16.01.31.jpg.jpeg Inkling Scents Sultry Roll-On Oil Perfume
Retail $25
Megan– My pickiness with scents comes into play here.  It reminds me of something but I can quite put my finger on it.  I know that the oil part of the perfume is supposed to help the scent stay longer but it just leaves a bit of a residue that I don’t care for.
Paige- I really liked this scent, once it goes on, it truly is very sultry, and will probably not be an every day scent for me, but I love it for evening events. It did leak a bit in the box, but not enough to really bother me. A co worker loved it so much that she took my order code and ordered it the day I received my box! I will say that the customer service for this company is awesome, when the scent order arrived, it had a hand written thank you note and several yummy samples of other scents.
 wpid-20150724_151426-1.jpgHeadspace 3-month Subscription
 Valued at $38.85
Meg– I think this is an app for meditation?  Obviously I need to do a bit more research on this.  The sheet says it’s a ‘must have for A-list celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow and Emma Watson’.  I don’t know that that actually helps or dissuades me from following up on the website….
Paige– I’ve gotta be honest- this will never get used, but the card itself is cute! I might put it up at work or something?
Wow…halfway (ish) through and this isn’t going very well…hmmm.
wpid-20150724_151549-1.jpgGorge ‘I’ll make you look Amazing’ Daily Spray
Retail $24.95
Meg– I’m excited to try this tomorrow.  Anything that promises to repair ‘ALL’ damage is worth a try 🙂
Paige– It smells funny. (Patchouli?) But that goes away after using it. It’s not a miracle worker, but its a great leave in conditioner.
wpid-20150724_151444-1.jpg Hello Konjac Cleansing Sponge
Retail $12
Meg– I love these!  I have some that have clay and charcoal in them.  They exfoliate (gently) and clean really nicely.
Paige– Awesome! Love anything that exfoliates well. My facial brush is almost dead, this will make a nice replacement.
 wpid-20150724_151503-1.jpgTarte LipSurgence Lip Gloss
Retail $19
Meg– Well, I love Tarte,  and this color (exposed) is beautiful.  Goes on nicely, stays nicely, not sticky.  Another A+ from Tarte.
Paige– I got the same color. It is a fantastic sheer pink. I also love any Tarte product, so this works beautifully for me.
wpid-20150724_151533-1.jpgSponsered: Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Soothe Spray Moisturizer
Retail $7.99
Meg– Well, this is a really big bottle.  I like how it feels on but it’s a bit unwieldy to use.  I feel like it sprays easily but it covers a lot more of an area than you actually want it to.  After the first spray I put a towel down and that made it a bit easier.
Paige– This is a great product. It went on smoothly and easily, and rubbed in really well. It also left no residue.
All in all, the value of the box was there, but we are both glad we got it at a discount for the first time. We will both keep it for another go-round and see if its actually worth the $50 price tag.
If you are interested in the Fab Fit Fun Box, use the code 3girls to get $10 off your first box! Just go to vip.fabfitfun.com.
Happy Boxing!

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