April Ipsy Unbagging and Reviews

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This month’s colored raffia bag is one of the best I think we have received. We all loved it. The bag is SO cute! If Megan’s mom were to find it, she’d never see it again…hmmm, Mother’s Day wrapping? We loved the size and how it made us feel like summer is right around the corner.

2015-04-14 20.43.10

Hikari Blush in Tango

Paige– The color read really bright in the compact, but once I actually tried it, it’s a nice, sheer blush, and great for my skin tone. I was also incredibly impressed with the grain of this powder, it felt really soft going on and didn’t sit on top of my skin, but blended really well.

Blake– This blush has such a cute name. I don’t wear to much blush because I already have a pink undertone in my skin tone. Though this one is a light shade and actually goes well with my skin shades I will rate this three Ipsy bags.

 FullSizeRender(5) 2015-04-14 20.43.56

The Balm Nude Dudes Eye Shadow in Fit and Flirty

Paige– This was so fun! It’s a little suggestive, but totally silly. It’s a good color, but come on Ipsy! I’m ready to see something OTHER than beige and copper eye shadows in my bags. (I also like purples, pinks and greens, and have changed my profile on line to see if the color changes next time) That being said, It’s a good color for me, and will get used. It’s very pigmented, and can be used as your one stop color without trying to blend a bunch of other stuff over your lid.

Megs– Interesting name, interesting packaging.  The color of the shadow was perfect. I love these semi-shimmery, lots of color impact shadows.   This is a great coppery brown that can be used by itself or blended easily with others. Adding this immediately to my everyday bag.

Blake– I absolutely love the name of the product. The shade is flirty. This just made me giggle and shows how fun this product line is. Every time I use this eyeshadow it feels so light and almost nonexistent, which I love. I can wear it solo for a nice day look, or add it to a dramatic eye for a night on the town. I am very pleased with this product and give it five Ipsy bags.

2015-04-14 20.44.29

Julie Nail Polish in Damsel and Coupon

Paige– I think everyone got this very flattering pink shade in their bag this month. It’s a cute color with good pigmentation. Goes on clean in one coat. I like it!

Megs– Fun color. Great pigmentation. Went on well, covered evenly on the first coat, not too funny or too thick.  Perfect almost-summer color!  I’m going to be putting it in on toes this weekend.

Blake– The color is vibrant pink. This was the only product that I didn’t really care for. I mean I do love pink and the color was not the reason for the dislike. I did not care for the size of the brush because it seemed really small. I also did not enjoy the consistency of the actual nail polish. I will rate it one Ipsy bag.


Olive Lips Honey Oat Lip Balm

Paige– I was really looking forward to getting a Too-Faced sample of the Melted lipstick this month so I didn’t really appreciate this at face value. Once I tried it, I realized it’s a great balm! It stays on, unlike so many other oil based balms, and its good for your skin! No weird chemicals.

Megs– What a great, subtle scent.  Great feel on my lips, certified organic…I’d like to find out more about this.   I’ll have to see where this is sold and if there are tinted varieties.

2015-04-14 20.46.55

MICA Beauty Eye Primer

Paige– EH- Ipsy sent me this a few months ago, and it has never worked for me. It doesn’t stay where I put it and it certainly does not do the job of a primer, so this will be a swap if any one is up for trying it out. It may work better on someone else’s skin.

Blake– Next in my beautiful bag was my Mica Beauty Eye Primer which I wanted. I did not have any problems with this product unlike other Ipsy customers did. Now onto the reasons of why I love this product! I enjoy that the primer is flesh toned and that it feels so light when I apply it. The great part for myself is that I didn’t have any problem with my eye makeup smearing or disappearing. This gets five Ipsy bags from me.


Gallany Lipstick in Petal

Megs– This is a little dark for what I like on my lips but it went on nicely.  The tone was great, color without screaming out a bright or neon tone even when wearing away.  Good for when I am heading to business dinners.


Crown Brush C224 Oval Concealer

Megs– Nice brush. Good weight to it, nicely shaped head. Small enough to work just the problem areas but not too small that you would have to switch brushes if you wanted to work on a medium area.  We’ll see how it holds up to a few cleanings, that’s the true measure of a good brush .


Klorane Dry Shampoo

Blake– Finally made it to the last product, oh man, how I don’t want this to end but it does. The last jewel I took out of this wonderful bag was a dry shampoo without milk by Klorane. Let me just start with the smell, it’s like a clean nice spring day with a nice breeze. Now, I hope this is not to much information but I did use it when my hair was nice and greasy. Lol. Oh boy did it work, it dried it up with no problem and made my hair smooth. This deserves a rate of five Ipsy bags.

Final Thoughts

Paige– All in all, My Ipsy bag this month was OKAY, the bag it self was very cute, but the contents were just so so, I feel like I have seen Ipsy do much better, hopefully with the change in my profile, it will get better.

Megs– All in all, a fabulous bag this month!  It was able to live up to every bit of my excited glee when I opened the mailbox and saw the hot pink mailer!

Blake– This month was my all time favorite of my Ipsy experiences. I mean, I have liked other bags in the past, but most of them have been small or look cheap.


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